101 Approaches to Improve Your MMA Game

101.  When you wake up in the morning, toss forty mild punches and elbows in front of the mirror with an emphasis on strategy.

100.  Consider a 30 minute run prior to the working day starts off to rev up your rate of metabolism.

ninety nine.  Locate a partner who is greater than you in one particular space of the game, but worse than you in a further space of the game.  Exchange techniques and feelings day by day.

98.  Maintain a day by day journal of everything that you have discovered and refresh oneself usually

ninety seven.  Consider a online video of you sparring so that you can see oneself and spot the glitches.

ninety six.  Bolster your main by executing 200 sit ups a working day as portion of your exercise session schedule.

ninety five.  Consider Muay Thai courses at the very least 2x a week and BJJ courses 2x a week

94.  Master how to do 3 varieties of takedowns successfully and understand how to defend towards 3 varieties of takedowns

93.  Spar with another person greater than you as a weekly pattern

92.  Sit down and ask your instructors how they succeeded

91.  Go out to dinner with your teammates and discuss about MMA.  Exchange strategies, coaching ideas, techniques and everything else.

ninety.  Go to YouTube or MMATKO and enjoy past battle footage – Do it each Sunday.

89.  Don’t ask guidance or ideas from another person substantially worse than you

88.  Appraise the resources of your discovering and be extremely very careful who you understand from

87.  Pace up your reflexes.  tand towards a wall and have a mate flippantly toss a tennis ball at your head while you consider to dodge it with your feet planted in the exact spot.

86.  Drill, drill, drill.  Following course, find a partner and do drills to enhance muscle memory.

85.  Stretch out dynamically each morning.  Dynamic stretching is substantially much more vital than static stretching.

84.  Do some strength coaching to enhance your strength.

eighty three.  Do some substantial depth cardio coaching like executing 5 rounds of jogging up 100 flights of stairs as quickly as you can

eighty two.  Drink your supplements day by day – fish oil, glucosamine chondroitin, multi vitamins, BCAAs, recovery drinks (after a exercise session) and protein shakes.

81.  Sleep eight hrs a working day.  The physique needs to relaxation in order to recover so that you can complete to the ideal of your talents for the duration of coaching.

eighty.  Take in 5-six tiny foods a working day to keep your rate of metabolism revving difficult and your strength amount substantial.

seventy nine.  Stick with the coaching technique at your college, particularly if it is established.

seventy eight.  Go to as many seminars as you can to develop and understand.  Finding out one particular new strategy is worth a seminar, particularly if it sticks and turns into your individual.

77.  Do standard BJJ drills each working day in order to keep your hips quickly and versatile – hip escapes, rolls, split falls, burpees, and so forth

seventy six.  Consider one working day off a week and unwind.

seventy five.  Get a therapeutic massage as usually as you can so that you can keep your physique lactic acid-cost-free and limber.

74.  Do some boxing drills these types of as simultaneous jab counters, parry counters, and other cool drills with a partner to enhance your pace and timing.

73.  If you don’t know any drills that will enhance your pace and timing, then ask your instructors for a entire specific record of drills in each self-discipline – Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, and Wrestling.

seventy two.  Toss fifty kicks with just about every leg into a significant bag each working day after exercise.  It builds up your energy and your bone density.

71.  Obtain tons of coaching DVDs from the world’s ideal specialists in all disciplines.

70.  Combine up your cardio exercise sessions – substantial depth compared to minimal depth, anaerobic compared to aerobic

69.  Shock your physique by executing different athletics that your muscles are not applied to

sixty eight.  Keep in mind that MMA (BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wrestling) is a way of life if you definitely want to acquire all the rewards of the self-discipline.

sixty seven.  Don’t smoke.  Quit if you do.

sixty six.  Drink liquor in moderation.  Or don’t drink at all.

sixty five.  Drink at the very least eight eyeglasses of water a working day.  A entirely hydrated physique is wanted to optimize functionality.

64.  Grasp the fundamentals of Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, and Wrestling.

sixty three.  Master the changeover game or how to weave seamlessly amongst the 4 disciplines.

62.  Educate mixtures that make the most of all 4 disciplines (ie.  minimal leg kick, ideal cross, double leg takedown, side manage, mount, armbar)

61.  Consider personal classes with a certified instructor.  You can have your negative routines removed.

60.  Obtain the ideal guides in just about every self-discipline and study like a mad guy.

fifty nine.  Skip rope for 30 minutes straight on a frequent foundation.  It builds your calf muscles and shoulders for much more explosive striking.

fifty eight.  Do circuit coaching with stations of TRX, weights, significant bag function, sprints, tire leaping, and rope climbing to enhance your cardiovascular functionality.

fifty seven.  Locate a group of coaching companions at your amount and inspire just about every other to stop slacking or skipping course.

fifty six.  Look at the UFC, Art of War FC, Desire, Sengoku, and all the other leading MMA displays on Television set a frequent foundation.  It will keep you fired up, but also you will understand a great deal.

55.  Take a look at Sherdog, MMA Weekly, MMA Junkie, MixedMartialArts, and Center Effortless day by day to get your information and facts dose of MMA.

fifty four.  Consider coaching vacations.  Fly to Thailand to prepare a thirty day period in Muay Thai.  Fly to Brazil to prepare a thirty day period of BJJ.  Go to the resource of just about every self-discipline and take up everything.

fifty three.  Place up a blog site and chronicle your journey towards greatness.  Absolutely nothing aids much more than becoming general public with your successes and failures.

52.  Make a want record of the leading academies that you would like to check out to prepare.

51.  Take a look at them!

fifty.  Subscribe to magazines like Fight!, Fighters Only, Gracie Magazine, Grappling, and FightSport to remain on the chopping edge of news, ideas, and techniques.

forty nine.  Exercise your 3 most loved submissions each working day by drilling them fifty instances just about every with your partner

forty eight.  Exercise your 3 most loved striking mixtures and drill them with another person keeping the Thai pads for you for 5 minutes for each spherical.

forty seven.  Shock your physique by breaking out of your schedule and executing something completely different like rock climbing, yoga, or gymnastics.

forty six.  Take care of your stability as yet a further skill to learn.  To obtain wonderful stability, sharpen it by expending fifteen minutes each other working day to do stability drills like squats on a wood board with a ball underneath it or by seeking to stand on a Swiss ball while punching combos in the air.

45.  Deprive oneself.  Consider a week off each now and then to allow your physique and mind recharge.  Absolutely nothing is greater for you than receiving the hunger again for coaching.

forty four.  Exercise yoga one-2x a week to enhance your respiratory, focus, and adaptability.

43.  Do isolation drills on the ground by beginning off in an inferior posture with your partner and consider your ideal to reverse the posture.

42.  Exercise ground and pound with a significant bag on the ground.  Max out for 5 minutes for 3 rounds and be absolutely sure to adjust up positions from side manage to mount to knee on stomach, and so forth.

forty one.  Spend in the ideal machines that revenue can buy.  When it comes to security protecting equipment like gloves, headgear, mouthpieces, cups, and so forth, shell out the most that you can.  It will keep you safe and sound (or safer) and assist to lessen the threat of personal injury.

forty.  If you accidentally get harm, exercise RICE.  Relaxation, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.  To lessen personal injury, use these ways ideal to stop swelling and to pace up recovery time.

39.  Swap stances to shock your mind and physique.  If you like to stand in a ideal handed stance (orthodox), then change it up and consider to understand to stand in a still left-handed stance (southpaw).  If you can understand to change it up, it will assist your game.

38.  Maintain operating by way of plateaus.  If you find oneself annoyed due to the fact you have been at the exact amount for a while, do not stop.  Regularity is the crucial to achievements.  The turtle does win the race.

37.  Visualize greatness.  Even if you do not essentially compete, visualize the moments when you truly feel the ideal at coaching or sparring.  Think again to how you truly feel on all those highs.

36.  Educate your mind to be ready to get again to all those highs.  The mind drives the physique.  If your psychological condition is in peak functionality condition, your physique will reply.

35.  Truly feel the want for pace.  Pace matters a great deal in the activity of MMA.  If you want to establish more rapidly strikes, exercise with a pace ball.  Don’t focus on energy.  Just focus on pure pace.  Do it at the very least each working day for 5 minutes and you will see benefits.

34.  The want for pace also applies to the ground game.  Drill the intricate specifics of the arm bar fifty instances after a course.  Your muscles will start off to memorize the transfer and you will be ready to do it quickly in your rest.

33.  Educate another person who is much less competent than you.  When you instruct another person, you basically end up discovering a great deal due to the fact it forces you to evaluate all the specifics of each strategy.  It also end up becoming a forum of inquiries and solutions that open up your mind.

32.  Devote a complete week to the ground game only.  Rather of alternating or executing equally striking and ground, focus on one space on a offered random week.

31.  Devote a complete week to the standup game only.  Rather of alternating or executing equally striking and ground, focus on one space on a offered random week.

30.  Master to use your hips.  Your hips are the crucial to energy for striking and they are also the crucial to your ground game.

29.  Contend.  It does not make any difference no matter if you just do MMA for exciting or if you are a experienced fighter.  When you compete, you understand to use all features of your game in a stay placing.  Adrenaline, tension, and fatigue are all wonderful things to deal with.

28.  Contend usually.  Fighting (or self-protection) is ninety nine% psychological.  Even if you have all the tools in the planet, but you have a weak psychological game, you will fail.  The ideal way to reinforce your mind is to compete.

27.  Tap usually.  There are no heroes in the gymnasium.  Coaching is about discovering.  Go away your ego at the doorway when you are coaching.  It is considerably greater to faucet 1000x than to have your arm broken 1x.

26.  Decrease the quantity usually.  If you are sparring Muay Thai, understand to spar flippantly so that you don’t injure your partner.  Managed sparring is a time to function on new mixtures and footwork.

twenty five.  Spar difficult as soon as in a while.  If you are a major MMA athlete, you will want to spar difficult to fully grasp the intricacies of pace, energy, discomfort, and much more.  Even if you are not major, you should consider to spar difficult at the very least 1x a thirty day period.

24.  Do not spar difficult usually.  If you spar difficult usually, you will inevitably get hurt (or injure your partner).  Accidents are the items that sluggish your development down due to the fact it places you out of the game for a prolonged time.

23.  Selection is the crucial.  It is quick to get trapped in a rut.  If you repeat the exact factor above and above, it will get monotonous.  To keep items fascinating, do not have a schedule (if you are not competing).  If you are executing MMA for exciting, then the concept is to keep it exciting.

22.  Obtain some outstanding jogging shoes.

21.  Use the Gi when executing BJJ.  Even even though many MMA athletes prepare only without the need of the gi, leading MMA athletes use the Gi like GSP, Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, Kenny Florian, and others.

20.  Spend in two wonderful Gis for BJJ

19.  Keep on leading of instructive battle weblogs these types of as mymuaythai.com and evolve-mma.blogspot.com

eighteen.  Obtain cool coaching apparel.  MMA is a way of life, an perspective, and a way to categorical oneself.  So no matter if it is that cool Affliction shirt you have been eying or that great pair of battle shorts you’ve got always wanted, buy them.  It could possibly not assist you battle greater, but it will keep you impressed to prepare.

17.  Go to a stay UFC party.  There is almost nothing much more electrifying than a significant battle.  The adrenaline, the excitement, the strength.  It will give you a substantial for days and you will prepare like a madman afterwards.

16.  Drink Crimson Bull and take in a banana 30 minutes prior to you prepare – don’t do it much too usually – only when you truly feel a minimal sluggish or mentally weary.  It requires 30 minutes for caffeine and taurine to take entire result.

fifteen.  Spend in your role styles.  If your most loved fighter is Anderson Silva, buy his DVDs and understand all his minimal methods.  If you adore BJ Penn’s game, buy his guides.  It is vital to have role styles to understand from.  It aids to speed up your discovering.

14.  Make Protection your #one precedence.  When you prepare, you should always make absolutely sure that security (your security and your partner’s security) is the #one precedence.  If you get hurt, it requires you out of the game of coaching.  If you injure a several companions, no one particular will want to prepare with you.

13.  Educate with different dimensions.  Educate with people today scaled-down than you.  Educate with skinny tall people today.  Educate with significant linebacker varieties.  Educate with all dimensions and understand to modify your game.  The practical experience alone is worth its bodyweight in gold.

twelve.  Locate the ideal teachers doable.  If you are discovering Muay Thai, make absolutely sure your instructor has deep practical experience in Muay Thai.  If you are discovering BJJ, make absolutely sure your instructor has deep practical experience in BJJ.

11.  Maintain your gymnasium bag stocked with all the necessities at all instances.  Further dresses, muscle ointment, band aids, athletic tape, painkillers, a cup, a mouthpiece, handwraps, gloves, jogging shoes, protein shake packets, and so forth.  You never know when you will want them.

10.  On your days off, be absolutely sure to cheat.  Take in anything you want.  Do anything you want.  But don’t do anything that has to do with MMA.  Maintain your adore for MMA contemporary.  You can prepare more difficult.

9.  Established goals.  If you established mini goals, it will assist you to remain on the route to unleashing your probable.  If you are a blue belt in BJJ, focus on the up coming stripe prior to you focus on the purple belt.  If you are a beginner in Muay Thai, focus on mastering the Thai clinch.  MMA is a mountain and you want to established minimal goals to climb it.

eight.  Accept roadblocks.  There will always be coaching plateaus or injuries or a negative coaching partner to stop you from seeking to prepare.  It is a all-natural portion of lifetime.  Go with the circulation.  Don’t battle it.

7.  Don’t settle for roadblocks for much too prolonged.  If you are hurt, relaxation.  If you are annoyed, go do something to get your mind off it.  Don’t remain out of the game much too prolonged or else you will completely drop momentum.

six.  Master to exercise session with kettlebells.  Kettlebells are a wonderful way to establish your complete physique.  Consider some kettlebell courses and see the benefits.

5.  Consider a Toughness and Conditioning course two-3x a week to assist improve your physical fitness.

4.  Educate with people today you adore.  If you prepare with close friends, it will make it much more exciting.  You don’t have to worry about receiving harm and you will equally be focused on your most loved activity in the planet.

3.  Leap tires.  Locate an previous tire of a auto.  Lay it flat on the ground.  Commence bouncing on it.  Following a several minutes, you will truly feel your calves burn off and your coronary heart pound absent.  Tire leaping is a wonderful way to warm up and to establish your calf muscles for explosive motion.

two.  Keep in mind that it is a journey!  There is no spot.  MMA is about regularly evolving oneself and always bettering.  Often go again to why you are executing it in the initial place.  Simply because it is Enjoyable.  And due to the fact you Love it.

one.  Maintain EVOLVING!!!