What is Castle Age?

Most individuals have a Facebook account these times.  If you have been a standard consumer of Facebook, then you have most in all probability found an advertisement or have been requested to play the game Castle Age.  You could be wondering what Castle Age is all about?  Why is it so well known?  Are there any fantastic ideas to enable a rookie get started off?  This posting will include particularly these questions.

Castle Age is a MMO (massively multiplayer on the internet) game.  It is hosted by Facebook, which is why you see all the adverts and requests.  As a participant in the game you are on a quest in which you can discover the land, team up with mates to struggle monsters, or invade and duel other Castle Age gamers.  The stream of the game is change-centered.  This same method has been utilized with other successful on the internet online games such as Mafia Wars.  Each and every gamers change is centered on time (i.e. you can only perform a go just about every five minutes).  Nevertheless, this is not useful for all people as it would choose a large amount of time to perform only a couple turns.  This is where by the developers have introduced the notion of change accumulation where by you can accumulate strength while you are offline.  Then when the participant arrives back on the internet, they can use the strength all up to perform many turns.

One particular of the good reasons Castle Age is so well known is mainly because it is hosted by Facebook.  As of December 2009, Facebook has more than 350 million consumers!  Furthermore, this game is completely free.  Offered these information, the game is certain to be well known!  Pair that with the actuality that this game generates a fantasy environment where by gamers can do whatsoever they want!

When starting up out in Castle Age, a participant must concentration on making a large military and raising cash flow.  By raising cash flow and military dimensions, it will permit you to purchase extra weapons and armour and acquire extra fights.  Preventing in Castle Age takes place in the sort of duelling or invading.  Duels present better prospects to these that have a smaller military but superior personal stats.  Invasions present a better transform to these with a large military and fantastic tools.  Also, if you acquire in an invasion, you will get a large amount extra loot.

For extra information and facts and ideas on Castle Age, take a look at the Castle Age Guideline!