What can I do if I visit Morocco?

We all love Morocco Tour, they are exciting, fun and an amazing experience to live. People from all over the world travel to this amazing place and they do not regret, couples of all over the world love discovering the most romantic place and families also travel to this country and they have an amazing time. So, what makes this experience great? Researching a little about the country and knowing what to do is an excellent thing to do and that is why I will give you some recommendations of what to do here in Morocco.

Morocco Tours

If you are doing a Morocco Trip and you are looking for housing, you can stay in a riad or in a hotel, but if you are looking for something different you can stay in a Berber lodge. Why should I stay in a Berber lodge? This is a traditional home in which you will get closer to the Berber experience and also the Berber hospitality will make you love this place and never leave it!

Another great thing to do is discovering hidden places in Morocco. As you may know, Morocco Tours already offer a set of places that you can enjoy but what about those places that are not included? There are many restaurants in Fes that you should definitely go and try, unless another cities restaurants in Fes tend to be a little hidden, so try to discover those places and taste the amazing food of these restaurants.

Morocco Tour

If we talk about imperial cities, there is a lot to see but if you are looking for a modern and at the same time colonial city you should definitely go to the charming Casablanca. This country with a colonial architecture and many places is the one if you love metropolitan cities. You can visit places like Casablanca cathedral, the Hassan II mosque among other places.

Another great place to go is Agadir and the special thing about this city are the beaches: they are for real the best beaches around the country. If you are traveling with kids, they will enjoy this beautiful city, they are public so everyone can go. The sea is warm and this is a friendly place to go on vacations.

Another great thing to do in this country is trying the good, it is absolutely delicious and it tastes really good. Tagine is one of the most delicious dishes of this country and I highly recommend you to eat this dish, it is a little spicy but it is still great. You can good tangine in many restaurants around Morocco and you can also find another great dishes. Also, if you want a snake, you can buy fresh olives like a local and see the varieties of things they offer like pink olives, green olives black olives among others.

You can also have a dinner in a rooftop, this may seem simple but it is amazing and you can get a great view from the city and this is really beautiful and relaxing. If you are staying in a hotel, you may be able to go to the rooftop to dinner and if you are in a restaurant try to look for one that has a rooftop; you will be happy to have a diner here.

If you want to buy something special like a souvenir, you can take a look at many shops that offer this to you. You can go to the Medina or another place in order to get this and you can also buy another things that are useful to you.