Ultimate Wrath of the Lich King Icecrown Glacier Guide – WOTLK Strategy & Leveling Guides

This zone is mainly composed of large glaciers found in the Ice crown in the midst of the Aldur’Thar location, the Horror Gate, and the Desolation gate. Historically speaking, this zone was Azjol-Nerub capital before which is known to be as the Nerubian spider Kingdom who now lives in the nerubian Empire. After the capitalism, Ner’zhul turns up and he uses his power to live up the dying creatures as well as the dead who are trapped in the glaciers. He then makes these creatures as his troops. He announce triumph over the Nerubian empire and able to establish his army with his undead troops. Thus, many travelers seem to avoid the zone.

Many characters tried to enter the zone just to kill the Lich king yet none of them returned alive. They are all losers with their goal to defeat the Scourge. The zone of Icecrown Glacier is considered to be the most demonic location in the Azeroth area.

Geographical Description:

Wrath of the Lich King Icecrown Glacier is a zone that was made of icy regions way back millennium ago. This is the domain of Lich King and is said to be the place wherein his power is seated. The fortress of the ice Crown has a castle building on the top wherein there is a large piece of ice that is bounded. Behind the huge ice is said to be the northwest side of the continent. The zone is entirely ice and not just snow covered or soil bounded. It is a zone wherein it allows nothing to grow there. It is said to have spades that remains undead. Some of the walruses and penguins rest on the zone but they cannot live longer on the zone. In this zone is where the Frozen Throne of Lich King is established specifically found in the bottom field of the area. In the Frozen Thorne, the character may see obelisks that are bounded with magnificent magic. If the character wishes to enter the frozen zone, he needs to activate the said obelisks, all four obelisks, for him to enter and meet lich King.

WOTLK Icecrown Glacier is another zone wherein a character must take extra caution in every step that he takes. Ice is dreadful!