Top PC Games:: Best Flight Sim Game

The best flight simulations I recently played game that I have seen called Pro flight sim. If you ever dreamed of flying, but never the ability or the money could to this dream true, a good option is a flight sim game. An important part of the game is a SIM realism.

Some of the features of Flight Pro Sim that I really enjoyed include:

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  • A large choice of aircraft from a 1903 Wright flyer to modern military jets, helicopters and gliders;
  • Time synchronization with real word time
  • Accurate planet and star placement for realism
  • The option of using a keyboard, joystick or yoke
  • Over 20,000 airports with accurate runway locations – you can land at your local airport!
  • Instruments that realistically model real world instrument behavior
  • Accurate system failure recreations – including vacuum system failure
  • Multiple screen displays – if you can connect the hardware, this game will support it
  • Air to air refueling features
  • Network ready – you can connect and play with others online
  • World scenery features
  • You can retrieve data from the nearest airport to add accurate atmosphere readings such as temperature, dew point, pressure density, wind (three dimensional) and visibility
  • You can change the weather in flight to add storms or whatever other situation you think you can handle.
  • Create your own graphics including terrain, airports and airplanes.

This is the best flight sim game because the physics of the game are realistic. The cockpits of the planes are accurate, from plane to plane. It will make you feel like you are behind the controls of any plane or craft you choose from the list, and gives you a detailed look at what a pilot experiences.

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