Top 9 Video Games That Cause Headaches

Video games can be an enjoyable experience, but sometimes the flashy graphics can be over-stimulating and cause headaches. Different factors can cause this such as the control of the camera and the use of light effects. What causes headaches to one person in a particular game might not have the same effect on someone else. Video games that cause headaches used to be more of an issue. With higher frame rates, better graphics, and improved camera control the world of gaming has come a long way. Following is a list of eight games that have caused some people headaches for various reasons.

1. Resident Evil Series
The Resident Evil series is known for having camera-control-induced nausea. The games seem to constantly fight with the player for control of the camera. The camera is constanly pulled back to the center directly after the player looks another direction. This can cause headaches to some players while others don’t mind so much.

2. Silent Hill: Homecoming
Any game that does not allow players the option of inverting the Y-axis for normal viewing can cause headaches for users. Most gamer’s brains are hard wired to an inverted Y-axis. This game is one of a few modern games that doesn’t allow for inversion causing it to be un-playable for many.

3. F.E.A.R. 2
Another cause of headaches in video games are if the screen bobbles when a character is walking. In this game the screen bobs up and down while moving the character. This correlates to the cadence of a natural walk, but watching it for a screen for extended periods of time can be difficult for some. This would probably just cause a little dizziness in most cases.

4. Half Life 2
This game despite being very popular is a known offender of causing migraines. The water reflections and outdoor areas are the worst. Half Life 2 actually uses a constricted field-of-view 15 degrees less than the standard 90 degree view in other games, in order to create an unnerving experience for the gamer.

5. Call of Duty: World at War
It’s hard to point out why this game is worse for headaches than other first-person shooter titles. It just comes down to the graphics and lighting. It just seems a little more fuzzy than the other titles in the series.

6. Grand Theft Auto Series
It’s hard to say why this game would make people feel nauseous or cause headaches. But it is one of the more common ones. Perhaps partly due to its overwhelming popularity. The fast pace action and explosions surely play a part.

7. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Another game suffering from partial camera control. Although you can center the screen with a button, the camera moves on its own. This is exacerbated by movement. This can cause some dizziness and even a headache in some situations.

8. Doom 3
This title is not the worst offender. Although the low light conditions add to the suspenseful appeal of the game it can cause eye strain and lead to other headache symptoms if played in excess of a couple hours.

9. King Kong
A pretty mediocre game with an easy reward system. Besides lacking in the fun department the gameplay is known to be headache-inducing.