Top 10 Best Free Blackberry Apps of 2016

There are hundreds of thousands of BlackBerry (BB) specific apps out there: wellness apps; functional apps, travel apps, expense tracking apps, business related apps, news apps, and truck loads of gaming apps. Most of them are quite inexpensive; a lot of them are just free. Just download, and extend the utility of your already loaded and indispensable BB by miles! Featured here are the top 10 best free BlackBerry Apps and few games of 2016: you’ll most likely want them all on your BB. Go get them!

The Perfect Year for BlackBerry 10

If you’re too busy (the assumption here is that BB users are never too lazy!) to look up where to go or what to do for an exciting getaway, this app is just what you need. It shows all the adventures you’ve wanted to indulge in, but never got around to doing. Just start the app, tap the photo of the adventure to get its details, star it and you’re good to go. Mind you, most of the adventures listed here are quite extreme and pretty expensive. But The Perfect Year from InsideHook is free, so even if you don’t really go, it’s great for adventure window shopping, or to impress your friends with your knowledge of high adventure spots!

HP ePrint Enterprise

This free app for the BB 10 sets you free from your printing problems, if you’re using the HP ePrint Enterprise cloud-based solution. It lets you securely print content from your smartphone on a printer close to you. Using the app is childishly simple. The only cost you may incur is at your print point. So grab this app, if are into HP.


This is a cute, simple and easy to use app – free, of course – that helps you construct a collage of images and photos on your BB. Simply select the photos you want to add to app – you can manipulate the orientation of the images. However, you cannot save in the normal manner: you’ll have to do a screencap! Hopefully, these little functionalities will be added to this simple but gorgeous app: and it will be made available for models other than the Z10.

Track My Car

Ever been stuck in a large multilevel airport parking lot in freezing weather in the dead of the night, not able to recall where you’d parked your car? Or had your vehicle towed away or stolen, and you don’t know where to look for it? Then you’ll understand how useful Track My Car can be. This free “Built for BlackBerry” app is simple, easy to use, and very accurate, thanks to its use of the Wikitude API. Grab this app right away, you never know when you might need it!

Real Racing 3

Yet another adrenalin pumping racing game app for your BB 10. Featuring real cars – over 45 realistic models including Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and other exotic marquees – and real tracks with an extended 22 car grid, you get an involved, pulse pounding virtual reality experience like never before. The new Time Shifted Multiplayer™ lets you take on any racer anywhere, anytime, even offline. The new Mint 3 engine generates pictures that are unbelievably close to the real thing! With a huge catalog of events, tracks and races to choose from, you’ll have to tear yourself away from Real Racing 3 or lock up your BB during work hours. Great way to take some time off balance sheets and bottom lines!


A seemingly beautiful forest with a ménage of benign inhabitants, but underneath lurks terrible danger: hurdles, traps, venomous creatures and other enemies make life difficult as your avatar travels, scrolling sideways, through the forest in the guise of an inhabitant. This is a great, engaging game from Frogmind, featuring fantastic graphics and smooth action so reminiscent of the movie Avatar. BADLAND is a must have on your BB10.

Fieldrunners 2

BlackBerry fans of this tower defense game, rejoice. Subatomic has designed the new Fieldrunners 2 for Blackberry 10.2 or higher, which means if you want it right away, you’ll have to install a leaked version of the OS (available for payment is the rumor). Superb, minutely detailed graphics, silky smooth movement, and blood curdling action keep you on the edge of your seat as you, in the avatar of hero, defend the world from the marauding fieldrunners. Sheer imaginative genius has gone into the plots, subplots, the design of the “sets” and the awesome arsenal of arms that are in the armory! A great game that will keep you hooked even if you realize you’ve just stepped off a cliff edge into limbo. That’s how likeable this game is!


Retroid is an engaging “Built for BlackBerry” game comprising four episodes of 15 levels each. You can manipulate the game experience through power-ups and power-downs, although some people find the slow ball movement a bit of a drag. But it’s a great way to pass the time when you have nothing else to do, or to just relax! The first episode is free. If you get hooked – chances are you will – you can purchase each subsequent episode for $0.99, or the entire set for $1.99. A very small price to pay for a large slice of fun!

Official Toronto International Film Festival (OTIFF) App

This app is time bound – but will quite likely extend to this Festival in subsequent years. But even if you don’t go there, you still catch all the action on your BB 10. The OTIFF app this year brings you exhaustive film listings with screening details, synopses, film reviews and recommendations, and social networking capability. The festival is just around the corner – download the Toronto International Film Festival and enjoy the fun at your convenience!

Documents To Go for BES 10

This is a suite of apps that you can use to work with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files on the go, through the BlackBerry Secure Work Spaces portion of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and you’re using an Android or iOS device. Available at for Android and iOS app stores, DataViz’s Documents To Go comprises of Word to Go, Sheet To Go, Slideshow To Go and PDF to go that have the comprehensive, although not exhaustive functionality of the native applications. They also provide support for attachments and password protection, and are available in multiple languages, including Arabic, Czech, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Polish and Russian. Pity that these apps are BES 10 specific, and will function only in a BES 10 enabled environment – maybe someday they’ll see the same apps for other BB models too. Let’s hope.

These top 10 best free BlackBerry Apps of 2016 are designed to extend the utility and entertainment quotient of your already fully loaded BlackBerry device, especially if you own a BB10 or above. Although these are small and easy to manage apps, their functional usefulness and entertainment value are tremendous, especially considering that they are for free, or for a negligible cost. So why wait? Grab these apps while they are still around!