Tips on Improving Business Productivity

If your company is positioned within a competitive industry, you’ll be all too aware of how important it is to stay ahead of the race. When clients, partners and profits are placed in the mix, it’s easy to see why it’s crucial to keep on top of the game and make sure you’re always doing things bigger and better than your rivals. But when there’s little cash to go towards these projects, how can you hope to do everything with that little extra bit of finesse and still keep your company’s budgets on track? Well, it could be easier than you think.

Before thinking about what cool new things you could fork over important cash for in order to increase your company’s productivity, it’s worth assessing the systems you’ve already got in place in order to work out whether they’re as efficient as they could be. One such area you might want to check out is your phone system. Okay, so it doesn’t sound like your phone system is that big a deal, but if you’re looking for ways to both increase business productivity and save money for bigger projects, your phone system might just be able to help you tap into a realm of extra savings.

Does your business call abroad a lot? Have you got partners in the UK and clients in Japan? Do you need to contact Asia a lot and stay in touch with your travelling colleagues in Canada? Calling these places on a standard telephone can cost hundreds of dollars a month, and when you add all of that up over the course of a year, it can reach well into the thousands. What if there was a way to stop all of those astronomical costs without losing out on making them? In fact, what if there was a way to make even more calls and still make money?

More and more businesses are switching their standard PBX networks to business VoIP systems. Using the internet as a medium for transferring calls, VoIP allows users to place calls anywhere in the world for drastically reduced costs – and calls can even be free if placed to a destination using the same online client. Imagine being able to stay in touch with clients, colleagues and business partners all around the world without spending a penny. Then imagine what you could do with the money you save. With easy installation and a world of opportunity, it makes sense to switch to VoIP, doesn’t it?

Daniel Collins writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.