The benefits of marijuana in the field of health

Plant this one is very famous in the world, a plant with the Latin name Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica we knew him by name cannabis plant, which this one is not only famous because of the negative effects that exist in her, but also the plant is very close to the music reggae, even serve as icon music reggae, many reasons why marijuana is very close to the music reggae, one of his music singer reggae famous that Bob Marley is the image of his inherent to cannabis, bob is reggae and reggae is Medical Marijuana in Florida, a Pena psi ran wrong will reggae itself seemed to install image that musicians with the flow regime are cannabis users. it is very detrimental and make ugly reggae music itself, the same thing with music dangdut always identic with rocking sexy that makes lust culminated with a little show genitalia, even dangdut icon is no longer a folk music but music genitalia. and how to change the image of the course with the awareness musicians themselves who do not wear the genitalia as a wobble or not to include anything that smells of negative into any musical flow, it certainly will change the image of the music was ugly anyway.

Likewise with cannabis itself that there are many benefits resulting from the plant this one, few studies have been carried out by health experts to plant Medical Marijuana in Fort Lauderdale Florida as the object of the research was a lot to produce something useful in the medical field.

Substance or the content contained in cannabis
According to the medical, chemical composition contained in marijuana is Cannabinol, Cannabidiol or THC consisting of Delta Delta -8- -9- THC and THC. Delta -9- THC itself can affect the mindset of the human brain through sight, hearing, and the mood of the wearer. While Delta -9- THC is believed to medical scientists were able to treat various diseases. eDocMMJ leaves and seeds to help cure diseases and cancer tumors. Roots and stems can be made of herbs that can cure disease stomach cramps (cramps), dysentery, anthrax, asthma, blood poisoning, cough, diarrhea, burns, bronchitis.

THC itself is a substance that can relieve pain, for example in patients with glaucoma. THC has analgesic effects, which in low doses can only make ‘high’. If levels of THC enriched, can be more potent for treatment. Also in traditional society, marijuana is used as an herbal medicine. However, when used carelessly and excessively, because it can cause euphoria sebagaialusinogen moment, lazy. The worst effects of cannabis users make the reaction slow, and peng ganja tends to be less vigilant.

A little fact, most people are afraid to use marijuana even forbidden contact with him, even though marijuana heavily marketed in another packaging that is often consumed by the day-to-day, such as drug antitank, slimming drugs, enhancing drug intelligence, sex tonic and medicine to increase confidence self (confidence).