The Benefits of Incorporating Social Shopping With an Online Store

Social media has transformed the way people communicate and stay in touch with friends and family members. Most social media applications now include a messenger feature that allows individuals to chat with one another in real-time, in the same manner as texting through a cellular carrier. Businesses can capitalize on social media by using it to help advertise their presence and any sales they may be running. Many online companies are also incorporating social media features within their online store. Here are just a few benefits to putting social media to work.

Instant Sharing

When an individual is shopping and finds an item that a social media connection may be interested in they can instantly share it to their page. They can also share purchases they make, which allows an online store to reach more people and increase their customer base without increasing their marketing budget. Sharing of data can be initiated with the press of a button, and the content is controlled by the client which prevents the need for a social media advertising department.

Free Advertising

When an individual shares something from an online store, there is no charge for either party. This provides a method of free advertising that can help boost online exposure and the presence a company has on social media outlets. It can be costly to advertise, and this is a free and hassle free way to increase exposure and boost a store’s customer base.

Location Generated Content

Another great feature of social media is its ability to use location generated content. If a store has brick and mortar locations, the social media sites will automatically increase exposure of the shared content based on the location of the user. This allows the ad to be seen by a more relevant customer base and can increase the likelihood of in-store customers.

Any business that relies on an online presence should use social media to boost their exposure. The software developers at Alphatise can help design a custom solution that puts the power of social media to work for any size or type of online store. Check out their website to learn more and see how easy it is to profit from an existing customer’s online activity.

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