ten Exceptional and Costly Playstation 1 Online games

The primary Playstation method was just one of the finest providing consoles of all time but there are a lot of games for the method that are tricky to uncover.  Some of these PS1 games are extremely exceptional and high-priced.  Down below is a list of the rarest and most high-priced Playstation 1 games and why they are so high-priced.

1. Suikoden II – $250
Critically acclaimed and rated just one of the finest RPG’s on the method.  Suikoden two marketed inadequately when at first unveiled though so there are not a lot of copies accessible relative to the need.  The large need and very low supply make this the most high-priced game on the PS1.

two. Strategies Ogre – $a hundred and fifty
Originally unveiled in Japan on the Tremendous Famicom, Strategies Ogre is regarded as a “masterpiece” in accordance to RPGamer.  The publisher Atlus hardly ever printed a lot of copies and the couple that were being manufactured are now in large need.

three. Valkyrie Profile – $one hundred thirty
An action RPG, Valkyrie Profile is a tricky to uncover on the Playstation 1.  It has been rereleased on the PSP which helped spark interest in the primary game and enhance the resale price ranges.

4. Revelations Persona – $90
Persona has a cult like adhering to in the RPG planet.  It does not have a enormous fan foundation, but all those admirers are diehards and pay out major greenback for primary copies.  The game has considering that been reprinted by Atlus which has reduced the resale price ranges a short while ago but it is continue to just one of the most high-priced games for the PS1.

five. Remaining Fantasy VII – $80
The finest providing and most well-known game on the Playstation, Remaining Fantasy VII is not exceptional at all but really high-priced continue to.  The game marketed nine.8 million copies but due to overpowering need the game continue to sells for all over $80.  The black label version sells for even far more.

six. Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix – $80
Konami and Disney teamed up to release a DDR game showcasing Disney figures and tracks.  Disney collectible admirers and Dance Dance Revolution fanatics the two support strengthen the selling price for this game.

7. Lunar Silver Star Tale – $sixty five
The game is noticed as a transition level for the RPG style.  It featured movie cutscenes, voice acting when these were being the two exceptional in movie games.  The game was not developed in significant quanities but RPG admirers like this game for the reason that it is entertaining and historic.

8. Intelligent Qube – $sixty
IQ is a puzzle game and is really exceptional.  It is just one of the more challenging to uncover PS1 games but not as well-known as some of the titles appearing previously in this list which are a lot easier to uncover.  The puzzles in the game are addicting so a lot of owners of the game would not provide it.

nine. Staff Buddies – $sixty
The hardest title to uncover on this list, Staff Buddies is a blend of RPG, shooter, and social gathering game all wrapped into just one.  The game can be discovered on the net but is around difficult to location in the wild.

ten. Ogre Struggle Minimal Edition  $55
A rerelease of the Tremendous Nintendo Ogre Struggle game.  The PS1 game initially came with a memory card and map so copies with the two these objects provide for a premium.  The game was only developed in restricted portions and Atlus hardly ever did a 2nd printing.

Check your closets and game collections to see if you have any of these Playstation 1 rarities.  You may possibly be keeping a gam in your collection as you read through this.