WoW Private Servers – What Makes Them So Appealing?

World of Warcraft is a very exciting and popular game that runs on official server software. Private servers have, however surfaced and more players have flocked to the private servers to get a thrill of the game. The private severs are game servers that are hosted by organizations and entities that are not the game licensed distributor or producer in this case being Blizzard entertainment. There are of course risks involved when using such servers, but there are also a number of advantages that have attracted players even amidst the setbacks.

Technically speaking, the private servers are privately owned and emulate the gameplay experience of WoW and other online games. They are also referred to as server emulators. If you are wondering why anyone would want to use private severs to play, well here are a few things that you need to know about the private servers.

They are free – Most of the times the servers are free and make it possible for players to actually enjoy playing subscription game at no cost at all. Free to play games remain popular and when it is possible to play costly games at no cost at all then this is a great attraction to the users. Even high skilled gamers still find the free versions of the games very appealing and this is what has led to the popularity of the servers.

The servers are a little different – This is because most implement unique gameplay rules that usually are a deviation from what official servers offer. The private providers can modify the game, deleting and adding some skills, rates and models. Using the servers, it is possible for new characters to start at maximum levels or for the experience rates to be much faster. Other changes that are possible with …

How To Farm Wow Gold – Top 3 Farming Spots

In this article I’m going to explain how to farm wow gold. Farming is a highly lucrative strategy that has shown gamers huge profits. It helped me to get the equipment, armor, and epic mount I’ve always wanted. For those of you that aren’t familiar with farming, its when you kill monsters over and over to obtain their gold repeatedly. Listed are a few hot spots I’ve found a lot of success with…

Solid Spots To Farm

Stranglethorn Vale – In this place look for a cave called Crystalvein Mine which is found east of the Gurubashi Arena. This is a great spot to farm a monster called Ironjaw Basiliks, which drop plenty of goodies for you to sell. You can additionally grind their corpse for Thick and Heavy Leather for more dinero.

Winterspring – In this area, go to The Lake of Kel’Theril where you find an uber amount of ghosts such as Anguished Highborne. These aren’t the strongest ghosts and they’ll drop silver and a good amount of green items. The only downside of this lake is that it might be overpopulated with other farmers but if its open, definitely take advantage of this spot.

Felwood – If you want to find Runecloth and Felcloth, this is a solid place to find both. Look for Jadefire Run which is in the northern area. The mobs in this area are pretty easy to kill.

Important Things to Note:

Although these are great techniques that have shown me success in the past, they have a big drawback. These techniques are highly time consuming. The time I spent farming wasn’t worth the amount of gold I got out of it. I’ve seen peers spend countless hours farming just to see a moderate amount of gold. There are professional guides that reveal …

Easy WoW Gold with Primal Farming

Primal farming in World of Warcraft is new to The Burning Crusade expansion. Its a great way to make solid steady gold to get that epic mount or new armor you might need. Obviously Throne of elements is the best place but it usually has lots of others there witch can slow down gains. Scald is usually a bit better and is the best spot for farming Primal Fire.

If you need Primal Manas Netherstorm is the place to go. Especially just outside of area 52. The mana wrathes and wyrms have good drop rates. Or the Mana Ghosts by kirin var village ruins. Primal Air can be found throughout Nagrand and in Shadowmoon valley. The Mobs that drop the motes are usually pretty spread out and hard to farm.

Nagrand Halaani basin is 1 of the best places to get Primal Water. The Mobs are low level and easy to farm. There is plenty of them and they are not immune to frost so its the perfect place for Frost mages to farm any primal water they would need.

There is a lake at the Northern edge of Terrokar forest witch has a type of Mana fish that can drop Primal Manas. This used to be a good secret spot but it may have some competition there nowadays.

Primal earth and life should come from the Gathering profession.But if your server supports it you can farm the Bog lords north of swamp rat post in zangarmarsh for Primal life. And the various Earth elementals in Nagrand for Primal Earth. For Primal Shadow Farming the Void spawns in Nagrand or Hellfire.

Over all farming Primals is a solid way to make gold. Its easy and mindless. Try focusing on the Primals with good Auction House value on your server.


7 WoW Farming Ideas for Newbies

Let’s face it, most online information for World of Warcraft, be it talents specs, macros, or instance strategies, favor the high level, end game content users: the level 85’s. New players wishing to get to that level have to grind their way to the top. Armor and weaponry takes gold to purchase, repair and improve, and the only sure-fire way to get that much-needed gold supply, besides sitting in the AH all day waiting for a deal to pop up, is to grind for it.

Well, here are a few suggestions for you farmers out there who want to break up the monotony.


One of the best starting areas for a mining farmer is among the Blood Elves in Eversong Woods. These hills are loaded with copper nodes and a double circuit around the perimeter will net you enough ore and semi-precious gemstones than one can carry, so make sure you obtain the largest bags you can afford early on. Once your bags are full, travel to Silvermoon City and smelt it at the forge.

Copper sells well, in both smelted bars and raw ore, in the Auction House. Once you have enough gold from your sales, stop mining and start smelting to level up your skill. Buying ore from the AH and smelting it is fast and cheap in the beginning. Should you find yourself running short of funds and a few skill points shy of leveling, head into the Ghostlands and mine any tin or silver nodes you find.

Buy or mine enough tin until you can smelt bronze. Keep this up as long as prices are cheap. You may want to download a good auction house add-on (like Auctionator or Auctionlite from one of the reputable add-on sites) to help make instant price comparisons.

There is …

WoW Jewelcrafting – A Gem Cutter With Style

Jewelcrafting became available as a new profession with the BC expansion. At the moment it still is one of the popular World of Warcraft professions. The main reason for this is a variety of powerful gems and various interesting items a good Jewelcrafter is able to make.

With Jewelcrafting you will be able to create unique gems for yourself. These gems will surely boost your stats no matter which class you chose to play. In example, any Jewelcrafter Warlock will be able to boost his dps with gems that have additional spell power. This goes for any other class or spec as well.

How to start?

To start your work as a Jewelcrafter you need to start mining and prospect ores. You will be able to choose how to level up Jewelcrafting and there are two ways – choose Mining as your second profession or visit the Auction House, buy stacks of ores and start prospecting. The AH option will apparently come as more pricy one but it will take less of your time. However, the choice is completely up to you.

With Jewelcrafting, as your primary profession, comes Prospecting as well. This skill is used to prospect ores and then extract gems.

At higher levels of Jewelcrafting you will be able to make a special Icy Prism which has a cooldown of 20h. Each Icy Prism gives a chance for a Jewelcrafter to extract a valuable or even an epic gem from it. To create an Icy Prism a Jewelcrafter will need a few gems and a frozen orb.

What else is available to a Jewelcrafter?

As said before, a Jewelcrafter can make valuable gems, but he can also make rings, trinkets and necklaces. His epic necklaces and rings are wanted among other players and therefore he can earn …

WoW Alliance Leveling Guide – WoW Expert Reveals In-Game Loopholes For Power Leveling

4 years ago I was an Alliance noob, I knew nothing about World of Warcraft. I got to level 60 in 6 weeks, I thought I was making pretty good time then. But now, World of Warcraft's universe has been expanded with new frontiers like Outland and Northrend, on top of that players can now reach level 80 in 8 days. Pretty awesome! I'm writing how great a WoW Alliance Leveling Guide is, and how it helped me be the first on my server to level to 80.

I only play Alliance characters, I prefer to be in the service of Light and all. But before I show you the key to power leveling there's a few things you need to know. Consider it essential knowledge for playing right.

The key to power leveling.

Even if you're a newbie you can learn the important aspects of going into the game solo. So here's every base you've got to cover before your power leveling can begin:

Addons – There are a ton of addons out there, many made by the WoW community, that exist to improve gameplay. Here's a few of my favorites: You've got Cartographer for full map details, Cooldown Timer 3 which displays the "cooldown" time of your spells and skills, and Gatherer which is a great tool for herbalists and miners. Any elite WoW power leveler worth their salt makes use of these tools.

Gear – Too many players waste too much time searching for new armor, weapons and other gear. Guess what? You don't have to! Quests land you average gear that is good enough for leveling up. You or a friend can always add enchantments to improve your items. When you choose quest rewards make sure you go for equipment that deals a large amount of …

WoW Strats

For those of you who don’t know, World of Warcraft is an online role-playing game. Many however find it to be much more than a game, some see it as an experience, while many see it as a way of life. People around the world are often sucked in by the award-winning Warcraft universe, The unique ability of hero creation and customization, along with a variety of other factors. You are not only presented with the ability to customize a hero to your exact liking, you can also adventure across foreign lands, explore realms and pursue endless quests across the vast world with which you are presented. Nothing is more fun than venturing off with your friends, which is yet another reason this game appeals to men and woman alike. This game in fact is largely dedicated to providing a massive multiplayer experience. Incredibly, the World of Warcraft allows thousands of unique players to interact within the same world, which in its self is reason enough to play. In addition, with the thousands of players running freely throughout the world, you are bound to be faced with an epic player vs. player battle at some point, which is half the excitement. Not everyone is out to destroy though, unbreakable alliances and friendships can easily be formed, making for a far more enjoyable and rewarding experience. A common strat that is often observed is the cliche yet accurate “strength in numbers” mindset. WoW will never be the same game with each passing month, you will always be meeting new people, quests will always be discovered as well as numerous other awesome content. Challenges will always be presented despite your level or team and you can expect only more in the coming years.

This article is primarily focused on the WoW strats …

WoW Tailoring – The Art of Cloth Making

Tailoring is the crafting profession based on cloth material. This profession offers many benefits to those players who decide to learn it and is also fairly easy for leveling. Cloth is dropped by all the humanoid mobs and will be very easy to collect since the early levels. Cloth can be used either to level up First Aid secondary profession or Tailoring, the primary profession.

What can be made with Tailoring?

Tailoring will offer you a possibility to make a wide range of cloth armor items, gear sets, bags, cloaks, bags for the use in other professions, Embroideries, Spellthreads and a Magnificent Flying Carpet, a unique, Tailors-only flying mount.

Various specializations will enable you to craft you a special piece of cloth – one piece every 4 days, Spellweave, Moonshroud or Ebonweave. With these special cloth types you will be able to make pre-raiding epic sets for casters, both healers and dps-ers. Unless you are planning to craft some of these sets, you can sell these types of cloth on the AH for nice profit.

Raising your reputation with the Kalu’aks to Revered will enable you to obtain a special tailoring pattern for Emerald Bag for herbs. This Emerald Bag has 32 slots and is an amazing asset for all herbalists.

Tailoring benefits

As you reach Northrend through your leveling, Tailoring profession will enable you to gather more cloth than others do. This asset is made possible by ‘Northern Cloth Scavenging’, a passive, Tailors-only ability.

If you complete a ‘Northrend Dungeonmaster’ achievement, you will be able to obtain a tailoring pattern with which you can make an epic cloak for healers – Wispcloak, while with the achievement ‘Loremaster’ you will be able to craft an epic cloak for dps classes – Deathchill Cloak.

Spellthreads are another specialty of Tailors. They …

World of Warcraft Hacks – 4 WoW Exploits

World of Warcraft hacks and exploits aren't necessarily cheating, just fun and sometimes profitable "special cases" that players have found while adventuring. Here are a few that you can try for yourself.

See Mob Weapon Drops Before they are Killed

This WoW hack is for the Alter of Storms (and maybe other places) in the Blasted Lands. The monsters that spawn there seem to have a bug with weapon drops. If the mob is going to drop a weapon or offhand item you'll see them carrying it around instead of their normal default staff, sword, etc.

You can use this to scan around for epic drops! Both the Glowing Brightwood Staff and Krol Blade have the potential of dropping here so there's big gold to be made picking out and killing the right mobs! Just run around scanning the mobs and if one is holding a Glowing Brightwood instead of their boring staff or sword you're guaranteed the staff when you kill it!

(This also proves that loot is pre-determined when the mob is spawned instead of allocated once there is a corpse.)

Sell ​​your AH items for above normal price

Not exactly a World of Warcraft exploit but a good way to use player's greed against them and make some extra gold quickly. First you must actually have an epic / blue you wish to sell. Put it in the auction house for a much higher than normal price using an alt then advertise that it's up on the trade channel (eg Glowing Brightwood Staff in AH – 500 gold (normally goes for around 250 gold)).

Log onto your main a few minutes later and advertise that you want to buy the item – eg WTB Glowing Brightwood Staff! Will pay 700g!

People are so greedy they will go …

WoW Massive Gold Blueprint

Ever thought of equipping your WoW character with epic armor, weapons and mounts? If you answered this question with a yes then you are not alone. You belong to the thousands of WoW players that want their characters to strengthen up as quickly as possible! The key here is to have the necessary in-game money or gold in order for you to buy all of these epic items. Lucky for you since there is now the WoW Massive Gold Blueprint that will allow you to earn the much sought after in-game gold in as little as 10 days time. You can expect to reach the gold cap or maximum allowed gold within this period of time or you can have your money back!

By using this massive gold blueprint you will be able to skip the long and grueling hours of farming for items and materials needed for your epic item. You will also be able to acquire most of the rare and super-rare pets, costumes, trinkets and other status symbols that differentiates rich players from the not so rich ones. You will also be able to complete achievements and earn prestigious titles faster than other players with the help of this blueprint. By using this blueprint you will have the in-game gold numbers huge enough for you to help your friends and guild mates in order to help them get stronger like you!

With this blueprint you will have your character well-equipped full of flasks, elixirs and consumables during raids. You will also be able to start off with newly made characters at the newly opened servers. You will have with you twenty thousands pieces of gold or more to spare once you reached level 20! You will be able to reach the gold cap or the maximum amount …