Game of Thrones Leaves Me Wanting More

I picked up a copy of the Game of Thrones book, fully prepared to face the notorious sex, violence, and immoral acts it was purported to have. Thus, I thought nothing of the cheating wife, the incest, or of the kid being thrown off a tower. I have read far worse in contemporary and historical fiction. Yet when I reached the inevitable death of an innocent, golden-eyed wolf pup at the reluctant hands of its master's father, I felt a tugging of heartstrings. It was then that I realized that George RR Martin can spin a good yarn – one that entangles you in its fine threads before you realize what's happening.

If you are expecting a hardcore fantasy epic, you will find the Game of Thrones book sadly lacking. There is nothing Westeros and its Seven Kingdoms have to offer that you cannot find in any other medieval setting, save for seasons that last years and the mysterious beings called the 'Others' lurking beneath the great Wall in the north. Instead, Martin offers a different kind of fantasy, one that focuses more on the human aspect of the story. Take away the dragons and the magic and you will find that the gritty human nature is still there, driving the main plot of political intrigue, conflicts, and ambition that compel a person to commit acts of murder, rape, or worse.

Still, it has enough fantastical elements in the form of knights, dragons, kings and queens, princes and princesses, and the whispers of magic working behind the scenes. It is War of the Roses in a fantasy world. For someone who enjoys reading both fantasy and historical fiction, Martin's masterpiece is a godsend.

I admit that close to 800 pages is a lot of take in, even for the most …

Game of Thrones: The Power of the Sigil

In the popular TV show Game of Thrones, the sigil is a term referred to continuously throughout the show.

Each of the various houses vying for power, the Lannisters, Starks, Targaryens, Boltons , Baratheons, all have sigils that define who they are and what they stand for as a group.

In medieval times the Sigil was a symbol that said what house the person belonged to, what group or clan they were connected with. Think of it as an emblem, a coat of arms, a banner representing a house, family or clan.

In today's world, we have moved more from a clannish society to a more individualistic one. Our society in some ways has changed from "who are we" to "who am I."

Using these principles, concepts, ideas from Game of Thrones, a useful activity can be to create one's own sigil; that is, find emblems, symbols, words, that represent what you as an individual stand for.

The exercise

Part I

Using descriptive adjectives:

Describe your strengths

Describe your achievements

Describe your values

Describe your personal characteristics

Describe your goals

Who is your favorite personality, fictitious, living or dead what are the qualities you admire and respect about them and what does this say about you

Stop and think about what drives you, what resonates with you and what you are passionate about

Write down your favorite quote and state why it is important to you

You should now have lots of material to work with. Let the information percolate and resonate with you for a while and then pick out the words that describe you at your best. Now create your own inspiring, motivating power phrase.


Think about the images, symbols and pictures your power phrase has created for you and begin to create your sigil. You …

Game Of Thrones AudioBook Review

Television writer and career author George RR Martin is fast approaching the landmark to becoming a legend in contemporary literary history with the grandest of epics ever written in recent times – a song of fire and ice – that begins with the book titled a game of thrones. Launched in 1996, the first book was truly a trendsetter and an apt harbinger of a wonderful epic series that has been continuously published by Bantam Books. With time, formats in books are read all over the world have undergone a sea change, necessitating the creation of the audiobook. In this article I have attempted an unbiased and just Game of Thrones audiobook review.

A Game of Thrones story wonderfully creates a world of fantasy replete with medieval sensibilities and ambiance, and contains a rich abundance of detailing, excellent use of intriguing political scenarios, a multi-layered social order as prevalent in those times. The real story encompasses several different regions – from old pin forests to harsh mountain landscapes, from resplendent castles to rich cities, nomad camps to vast scorching deserts. The book opens with a sense of summer fading away and much foreboding days of winter looming ahead. It is worth mentioning as part of the Game of Thrones audiobook review, how wonderfully the narrator Roy Dotrice captures this aura in the recorded format of the book.

In any case, it is quite difficult for an audiobook to match the standards of a previously published and vastly popular book that has been read by scores of people. This Game of Thrones audiobook review is however of the opinion that this is exactly where the audible format of this particular book scores equal to the readable one. Although the Game of Thrones is an extremely popular book, it was published way …

Business Mentors From Game of Thrones

The internet …

There's some amazing things about it. And some that aren't. And that's putting it mildly.

See, it's become a bit of a breeding ground for self-proclaimed business mentors.

You know the ones – they've never actually run a business outside of teaching other people how to run a business.

Mind = Blown.

At best, they're a little bit daft.

At worst, they're scam artists.

Anyway, these "gurus" remind me of a certain character in Game of Thrones.

(By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures. Moving on …)

Now, I have to be honest …

I can't actually remember the guy's name. He was way back in season two and did not have a big role. But he was one of the rulers in a city called "Qarth".

Qarth was seen as one of the wonders of the world. It was beautiful. Exotic. And hot.

But the thing Quarth was most famous for was its wealth; It was one of the richest cities in Westeros (which, if you haven't lost your Game of Thrones virginity yet, is the name of the land where the show is set.)

But get this:

Throughout season two, this particular character fancies a woman called Khaleesi. (And trust me, you can't blame him!)

But Khaleesi was not interested. And so he then tried to woo her with gold and the promise of an army at her back. Still didn't work.

The poor guy was well and truly friend-zoned.

Anyway, Qarth had a mega-secure vault where they kept all the city's gold and other treasures. And it was mentioned throughout season 2.

But here's the kicker.

It turned out at the end of the season (and don't worry, this ain't a major spoiler), …

What Game Of Thrones Can Teach Us About Internet Advertising Agencies

Whether you’re a fan of the show or perhaps have never watched an episode, just about everyone on the planet (or so it seems) is familiar with the television show, Game of Thrones (GoT). It’s influence on mainstream media is such that just about everything has had its own GoT twist, and in that same vein, even internet advertising agencies are also within the grasp of influence of this show.

It’s perhaps better said that internet ad agencies are, in some ways, quite similar to the happenings on GoT, and given the serious nature of the show’s material, one might start to wonder how exactly advertising on the internet could be so cutthroat. The truth is that online ad work is a pretty brutal world.

Before getting too caught up in dragons & the colors of weddings, it’s best to approach this topic by way of exploring common themes found in GoT that relate fairly well to the world of internet advertising. For starters, perhaps the most important theme in both realms is power. Everyone wants to ascend to the top, and the means by which that will happen are fairly unscrupulous at times. That may be a bit harsh in terms of the advertising world, but there is truth to the idea that the internet ad agency world is becoming congested, leading to more competition between agencies. Clients are highly touted prizes in the advertising landscape, and with the right relationship being forged, an ad agency can see its level of influence over internet advertising spread.

It’s important to look at the notion of justice & its underlying partner, cunning. GoT takes the idea of justice & turns it on its ear because in most cases, those that are good & just are quickly decimated. The bad …