5 Reasons Why Game Day Excitement Never Gets Old

Game days are the culmination of lots of work … over days, weeks, months, and even years. Game days are also amazingly fun. So here with post four of "I Love Coaching" month, let's talk about the five things that are awesome about game day.

  1. Preparation. I love watching video and figuring out the puzzle that the opposing teams represent. I enjoy putting together the practice plans to get ready for competition. The other puzzle that's fun to figure out is my team. What should I say to them to make sure they've got the right mindset for the game? Is there a story or anecdote that I can tell to fire them up / calm them down / show them I believe in them / keep them focused … whatever the situation calls for?
  2. Suiting up. Okay, I don't actually wear suits to coach in, but I love that show How I Met Your Mother and Barney says that all the time. As coaches, we don't have to put on a uniform (except for baseball, for whatever reason), so our game day attire is the way we can signal to our brains that it's time to bring it. Quirk alert: I wear brand new tops for each of our conference games … I will not wear an old one. Those tops are judged harshly as winners or losers based on the team's performance. Winners are worn in a non-conference competition at a later date … losers never see the light of competition again. This confession leads us quite nicely into the next topic.
  3. Superstitions. Obviously, my tops (while super cute) have no bearing on whether my team loses or wins a game … that little nugget of truth doesn't stop me from doing it year after year though! My

10 Great Reasons to Make Morocco Tours Your Next Vacation Destination

The Sahara Desert: It is the main cause why many tourists travel to Morocco. Desert camping is the best experience with a heartfelt welcome from the Berbers who have lived there for ages. On your way to your desert camp, you can ride a camel while enjoying the desert sun. You would not want to miss the nightlife in the desert, sit around a campfire, sing, and dance to the songs of the desert people. Also, visit the desert dunes of Merzouga, you get deeper into the wilderness and experience the best of nature.

Moroccan mint Tea and Pastries: While visiting Morocco one should taste the mint tea and local pastries. In Morocco, mint tea is considered a sign of hospitality and can also symbolize friendship. Drinking the mint tea at a good view with good company will make it tastier. The mint tea is served everywhere and tastes the same, but for the pastries, they vary from place to place.

The Souks of Marrakech: Souks are like one giant market where you can literary buy everything you want. The advantage of these markets is that you shop at one go and you can bargain; shopkeepers do not mind when you suggest a lower price for an item. In Morocco bargaining is perceived as a way of life and it is an exciting experience. The Souks are part of the Moroccan culture.

A Stroll along the Streets of Chefchaouen: Chefchaouen is a small town with its walls and streets painted blue. They are painted blue to protect people from mosquitoes during summer. Unlike the chaos in the main cities of Marrakech and Fez, the town has a laid back nature and life more peaceful here. The doors stay unlocked, and life is enjoyed at a relaxing pace.

The Riads: A …

Cut the TV Cord? Three Reasons Why Roku Is the Best Streaming Player Right Now

Cutting the cord. For a number of years people have been discussing whether or not it was possible to cut the cord so to speak from your cable provider to enjoy the best of TV. Well, we can't completely cut the cord but streaming players like the Roku device can make it very, very, easy to access your favorite content via the Internet.

Here are three reasons why the Roku is the best streaming player available today:

1. It's tiny and works effortlessly!
This little jewel of a box, the Roku HD plugs in to your existing Wi-Fi network, links up through HDMI to your HD television and voilĂ , you have access to tons of Internet content. I am reminded of the scene from the recent remake of Dark Shadows. Barnabas Collins, the vampire just released into the 20th Century after being buried for 200 years, has an interesting run in with technology. He sees and hears an actress signing on a popular TV program of the day. He stumbles to the television set, stunned at what he was observing and hearing and asked the question: "What sorcery is this?" That is a question I asked my Roku streaming player many times. How those engineers were able to create a small electronic device that can do so much is beyond me but it works and it is fantastic.

2. Access to tons of content.
Have an Amazon prime account? Then you can access all that content through your Roku. Subscribe to HBO? Then you can link up HBOGO service to your Roku and access not only current episodes of your favorite HBO shows but past seasons as well. I am a latecomer to the series Game of Thrones, but with access to my HBOGO and with my Roku, I was …

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Riding a Motorcycle

A motorcycle isn't just something that moves you from one place to another – it's truly an experience every time you ride it. Unlike anything I can think of, motorcycle changes you. You're not just a guy or a girl with a motorcycle: you're a rider. You feel cooler, because you ARE cooler. Motorcycle isn't something you own, it's something you do. You ride. Riding a motorcycle can turn daily commute into an adventure. Here are my 7 reasons to start riding a motorcycle.

1. Riding will help you to find your Zen

While riding a motorcycle on the road might be fun, it takes an incredible amount of concentration and focus. After all, you don't have a protection of the car's frame, the convenience of cup holders and the luxury to daydream while riding. Constantly monitoring your situation – speed, road ahead and body posture to name a few – serves as meditation that will surely clear you mind of the unnecessary thoughts. I have never once thought about that episode of Game of Thrones while riding. On motorcycle, you'll find inner peace and become one with your bike.

2. Riding a motorcycle makes your daily commute easier

A lot of people flinch at the thought of daily commute on a motorcycle. But if you think of it, riding to work makes sense. You'll save big on gas, as well as on time you commute. You'll get to work sooner and with less frustration from being stuck in traffic.

3. You'll make Mother Earth very happy

Motorcycles considered greener option of transportation. Every modern bike will have to adhere to meet very strict environmental standards. Plus it consumes much less fuel than a car which is a win-win for you and the environment.

4. You're helping to ease traffic

5 Reasons Why You’ll Fall In Love With The Middle Ages

Think of the Middle Ages, you think: gallant knights galloping along, women in long, overflowing attire, a sea of plagues, lots of filth, lots of wealth, pretty maidens, battles, castles and dingy huts.

Most of us who learn even a little about medieval times think of castles in faraway lands and begin to study everything there is to know about medieval living. Once we do that the dress, the food, peasant and aristocratic lifestyles, knights, crests and battles.

Why once you learn about the Middle Ages you will fall in love with these times? Here are five pretty good reasons.

The Clothes

Many in the Middle Ages wore woolen clothing, with undergarments made of linen. More wealthy people at the time were quite colorful with brighter colors and better materials. The clothing tended to be quite elaborate with men of the wealthy sporting hose and a jacket, often with skirting, or a tunic with a surcoat. Women wore flowing gowns and elaborate headwear, ranging form headdresses shaped like hearts or butterflies to tall steeple caps and Italian turbans.

The Stories

We’re fascinated by the many books we’ve read and movies we’ve seen. There’s King Arthur and George Martin’s popular Game of Thrones. Americans don’t tire easily of consuming exciting stories of knights and maidens, ladies and squires battling life and each other in drafty castles and rat-infested huts. Jobs and occupations dictated the quality of life during the Middle Ages. It was a time of enormous changes, prompted by the Crusades and travel to strange lands that always offer high drama.

The Battles

Knights and swordsmen, archers and foot soldiers went at each other with war and death a constant thing. There was always a fight for power. Keeping it and taking it. Lords, earls and dukes were all in …