Students' Unions: Why Participation in Elections Important

Students’ unions have three branches of power: legislative, executive and judicial. They have a President, a Speaker and Senators. Thus, it is quite reasonable that students’ unions have elections. Do you think that elections are not important? Let us try to change your point of view with this article. On the one hand, participation in students unions’ elections is a student’s right. You have an opportunity to say your word and to be heard. On the other hand, voting at the elections can be considered a student’s responsibility. Indeed, is it correct to have a chance to influence your future and not to use this chance? Though students’ unions are great, sometimes they can do something not in the best way. You have a chance to improve it with your vote: 1. Do you want a students’ union to stay powerful and innovative? 2. Do you want your rights to be protected? 3. Do you want some aspects of students unions’ activity to be improved? These are significant reasons to participate in elections. Rules of Game Elections are carried according to certain rules which are obligatory to follow. They are formulated in special documents and are available for both candidates and electorate. Everything should be honest. Voting Voting often awakes an association with a ballot paper and a ballot box. In some cases, voting really is fulfilled in this way. However, voting online becomes more and more popular. Besides, some universities prefer to combine both voting with ballot boxes and voting online. Choosing Candidates Choosing a candidate is a very important step. Think about criteria which you follow when voting. Do you vote on merits? Or do you prefer voting for your friends, acquaintances or just for people whom you like for some reason? We recommend you always to be practical and choose a candidate on merits. Use your critical thinking to evaluate candidates’ promises.