Restore your Lost Youth – Naturally

Is it our fate to merely be young in our teens till perhaps our 30’s, and then without any alternative, just join middle and old age?

Can we really restore our lost youth, naturally without surgery and expensive medications? We can, as our body is inexorably linked to our mind and those morphogenetic fields that determine our future.

The Konov Principle

Named after the Russian artist and creative thinker, Sergey Konov, the Konov Principle, once learned, will let you recover your youthful thoughts, and those thoughts will lead the body to a more youthful and healthy appearance.

This is because the body will respond to the mind’s instructions, and the mind always follows the morphogenetic pattern which it perceives.

How the Konev Principle Works

Based on the mechanism of genetic memory (which is grounded in morphogenetic field by Rupert Sheldrake who postulated the mind has all the records of what occurred in our youth, including the production of youthful hormones known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

By accessing the genetic memory, one can re-awaken the processes that took place in our youth, and at least in part, re-start them

Studies have shown that when we live a natural life in clean unpolluted air, eat natural food, and have an active life, we retain a youthful appearance anyway into old age.

The effects of modern life mask our genetic memories, and we begin to adopt life-styles that age us prematurely. The Konev Principle works to restore those essential parts of our genetic memory.

An good example would be where we watch a game of sports, say football, and recall it was a favorite of ours in our youth.

Something in the mind is activated, and we suddenly desire to play football again.

Granted, the body may not now be equipped to play, but the mind has perceived that playing is possible, and desirable. The Konov Principle is at work, as the genetic memory is accessed.

Turning Genetic Memory to Our Advantage

Having regained the desire for football, with the mind assisting the body, we might start a diet, go to a gym, and begin to bring the body into shape. Once started, the body will produce its own HGH, testosterone, and other enzymes that will aid the body in its desire to regain the lost youth.

You will look and feel younger. You will produce your own HGH, and you will find your health and appearance improving as collateral benefits to your effort.

Since all memories are stored in some mechanism of the brain (we assume) that is not fully explainable, we also then have to assume the genetic memory of physiochemical events that took place in our youth can be recalled (if not to mind, to the control mechanism that activates the endocrine system).

Pre-Mature Aging and the Genetic Memory

We age, and perhaps pre-maturely due to our shutting out the genetic memories of our lost youth, seek relief in creams, in beauty treatments and exotic medications, but in fact, pre-mature aging in only a symptom of forgetting our genetic memory.

Genetic Memory Exercise

With some basic relaxation exercises accomplished, and in a contemplative state, visualize yourself in your golden moments of youth.

Remember consciously when you were strong and in full recent growth, and see yourself again in that appearance. Visualize yourself as looking in a mirror, and see yourself as you were, not are. You can also visualize yourself as you wish to be,

This exercise, done daily for as little as 10 minutes, will relax you, but more importantly, will help you to open the doorway to your genetic memory (whether or not you can perceive it). Your body cannot help but respond.

Granted at 60 you will not look 30 again, but you will look a youthful 60, and that may mean 50, or less. You will look it and begin to feel it.