Actor, Ramsey Noah needs little or no introduction to many people in Nigerian. Many qualities have distinguished him, but one thing that has continually stood him out of the lot is his boyishly, handsome looks and undeniable acting skills.

“Fine Boy” like he is popularly called among his fans especially the ladies, might not be staying too long on the screen if his plans work out.

Ramsey is already contemplating to leave the screen for a seat at the background, where he intends to show his expertise as a movie director.

“As an actor, I think I’ve gotten to a point where I’m satisfied with what I am and what I’ve become and been able to achieve.

“But as a director, no! I want to direct movies. I want to make impressions, like Mel Gibson did with Passion of The Christ. He’s an actor and now he’s directing and he’s a great director”.

“I want to take a back seat soon and direct good movies that would stun Nigerians and people outside the country”.

According to him, “It feels good to have everything. But sometimes, it’s usually not always good to have everything. Trust me, if you walk a mile in my shoes, you’d probably give me back my shoes.

I wish that I could have my privacy back without the fame. I wish so. I don’t know. Somehow, I’m not enjoying the life of stardom. And this is simply because you have no life. You live for the people. You live for everybody, nobody thinks about you. Nobody cares about you. They just want from you.

Some people might enjoy it, I mean some of my colleagues might like it, but for me, it’s not really rosy. I just wish I was an ordinary person. Maybe a businessman, a pilot, engineer, whatever; but one who does his work, gets his salary, has his family, and lives a normal life without the fame,” the 36-year-old father said”.

Maintaining that his passion for the arts, especially acting and singing, has kept him going in the industry. He said the industry is growing but still needs some attention as regards the technical aspect.

“We have talents and quite talented actors and actresses in the industry but we need those at the technical arm to step up the game because this actually tells much about what is viewed by the international communities”.

Talking about how he copes with the many ladies and obsessed fans, who are willing and would do anything to have him, this is what Ramsey says :

“If I had the money, I would actually marry all my fans. But I do have a wife and her name is Emelia Philips-Nouah. And a son, Quincy Camil Nouah. I do have a wife; her name is Emelia Philips-Nouah and a son, Quincy Camil Nouah. I’m sorry I’m not available”.

Speaking on his most challenging roles since his incursion into Nollywood in 1990, Ramsey said none could be as challenging as his role in the Tade Ogidan produced Dangerous Twins.

“I think it is still the most challenging because I have not gotten any challenging role like that. I mean, it is work playing a perfect role let alone playing two perfect roles in one flick and believe me, it wasn’t easy but I am happy about the end product and I am happy I was the actor chosen,” Ramsey said.

Before gaining prominence or even going into Nollywood, Ramsey had been a hip-hop singer working with other acts like Pat Attah. Little wonder, he performed brilliantly well in the music video of the compilation of songs done by stars for Tade Ogidan.

It would interest you to know that Ramsey survives on just acting. “It’s funny but I don’t do any other thing aside acting. I act and I get paid and since I started acting in 1990, I have lived my life with the proceeds I get from acting. I don’t do any other thing, it’s strictly acting and when I’m off, I live on the proceeds that I have saved for days.”