Playing Free Motorbike Games Online

Free motorbike games developed by miniclip have taken domination among almost everybody’s list of most addicting games. Daredevil, dirt bike and motocross champions are the most sought after addictive games in every season of the year. To top it all when we look at these small versions of free miniclip games one cannot wait to play them and check how fast he/she is? And how much they can score to take an unsalable lead? As you logon yourself to play daredevil, you will feel the combination of skiing and parachuting at a time, daredevil speed riding takes the common principle of skiing down a mountainous terrain in some deserted corner of the world. You can fill yourself with going into such an avalanche that the thrill continues every time you come back to play. Add you scores to resume the game again to cross even greater barriers.

Playing dare devil is such a fun and easy game to play that you would like to continue playing it hours together crossing one hurdle after another. You get 3 options to increase your speed as (max speed) with a plus (+) sign under it, to increase the acceleration again a plus (+) sign and to reduce your bikes weight with a minus (-) sign. When you click on the max speed + sign your bike speed will be increased and this will help you in breaking in to the next level.

Dirt biking is another addictive game in the motorbike games segment, this game specializes itself in riding through the mountainous terrain and will need some practice to cross even the first level. Surely for me this is an addicting game in the free miniclip games category. I hope others too feel the same difficulty in crossing the terrains which are programmed here. You can cross all the levels and submit the highest scores to compete with others who played the game already. Every time you play dirt biking will put you to the challenge of not only finishing up first but also submitting your highest online score. One cannot miss this thrill of competing and winning with others.

Motocross too finds itself in the list of top 10 addictive games, you might have played some of its older versions, if you are not a favorite of version changes then you might well be happy to hear that Motocross has not changed much and it is a premium in the segment of miniclips available online for kids and older people.

I am particularly fond of this miniclip games, they are a favorite time spending for me. I will not be left unhappy because of the time I spent playing these games is very little and with so many things to do at hand and spending a lot of time in the process of rejuvenating oneself will not be my cup of tea. Hence I prefer to look for a break playing addictive games online when ever I am free, bored or need some change from the day’s activity for a brief period of time.