Modify Iphone & iPod Touch game details without having jailbreaking

As we know, if we want modify game details of Iphone or iPod Touch, we should “Jailbreaking” it initial. But now, with a new software program named iTunes Backup Supervisor, we can modify game details without having jailbreaking! For case in point, I am taking part in a game named “Dungeon Hunter” and I want extra funds in the game, here are the steps:

  1. Operate the game on your Iphone / iPod Touch, develop a new game on slot one, play a even though and exit the game. Ahead of exit, I have $112.
  2. Operate iTunes on your pc, join Iphone / iPod Touch, right simply click it in iTunes and choose “Again Up”.
  3. Exit iTunes, run iTunes Again Supervisor, extend you Iphone/iPod Touch identify, simply click “Dungeon Hunter”, you can discover a file named “Files/DQM_001.savegame”, double simply click it, the method will pop a Hex Editor window.
  4. Discover string “PINV” and edit the upcoming two bytes to FF FF, save the modification and exit Hex Editor.
  5. Click on Restore button on the toolbar, choose Restore only modified file(s) and push Ok button, wait a few minute.
  6. Soon after restore achievement, you Iphone / iPod Touch will restart routinely, now you can run the game once more and look at your funds, you really should have $65535:).

In simple fact, modify game details is only a “byproduct” of iTunes Backup Supervisor, the primary purpose of the software program if look through, perspective, export and edit iTunes backed-up data files. With this software program, you can perspective Iphone SMS messages, contacts and notes on your pc, you can also export them as text file or Excel file.

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