Learn to Read Women's Flirting Signs

In today’s social situation, a lot of guys are cracking and scratching their head thinking that they do know how to flirt with girls effectively. Unfortunately, most of them have a misconception about flirting. It is not just simply using some pick up lines and pretending they are someone special enough to make a girl to fall for. These action often rejected by women.

In fact, it can be understand why men are being rejected by women. When a man flirt in such a straight forward way, she is able to sense that he is trying too hard. Understand this point, every man has his own learning curve in the dating game. It is important to understand the flirting signs from a woman so that you can respond accordingly.

The following are important 2 flirting signs that you must look up for when talking to girls.

# Building rapport with men

Women are human too. They will tend to build rapport with a guy who they are interested in. The moment she makes an approach, look at her. Does she has the curiosity kind of look? Maintaining the eyes contact to look up for more signs if she wants to build rapport with you. She will look interested and smile. She asks questions to know more about you. Take note of these questions as you should ask her the same questions in return. Too often, she will create a conversation with you while waiting for your interest to show.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions in return. You know she is here to build rapport with you. So take this opportunity to bring the conversation further.

# Women like to hear compliments about them.

Women love to be flatter around. Since a lot of guys are doing the same in order to get her attention, you should make a different from them. Instead of complimenting on her appearance, try to look for other things to flatter about. Next, spending too much time before compliment her will not do you any good. Don’t look at her from head to toes before giving her a compliment, she will be freak out.

Flirt with her as soon as introduce is made. Introduction may get into the awkward situation if not handled well. If she sees you behave in nervous, she will walk off very soon. And if you are not talking about something which interest her, she will get bore. So the best way to avoid awkward situation is to flirt with her.

Flirting skill can be learn by interacting with girls in a party or read guide books on the internet.