Innovative Solutions Against Hair Loss From REKZE Laboratories

Hair loss is a problem that is feared, especially women. Various methods are used to get healthy hair. When in fact to get healthy hair and no loss can be done by utilizing some hair health products are prevalent in the market. One of the products belong to Rekze Laboratories, dht shampoo for hair loss. The products are rich in nutrients needed by the hair. 63 Anti-Hair Loss & Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo by Rekze Laboratories, provides amino acids directly into the hair follicle stem and precursor protein because it adds strength to the hair. Natural form amino acids into keratin, a hard protein fibrous hairs, but the acid must be replaced constantly as damage accumulates over time.

Hair loss or balding is usually experienced by older people, but many young people or teenagers have experienced hair loss ended thinning or baldness. Hair loss may be caused by an infection in the body, or interference that can cause hair loss. Eating habits, stress and lifestyle can also cause hair loss. Some of the nutrients needed by the hair:

Keratin protein, a polypeptide chain of amino acids joined by peptide bonds in a specific arrangement, creating 88 percent of the hair. The structure of Helix alpha keratin is a coil with each revolution of 3.6 amino acids and peptide bonds between carbon atoms and one nitrogen atom next.

Taurine improve the rigidity of the connective sheath around the pilosebaceous unit, especially those affected by male pattern baldness. This new treatment approach will be discussed in the medical literature. L-cysteine accelerate development and increase the diameter of the hair shaft, resulting in fuller hair. It is reported to increase the duration. L-cysteine also provide antioxidant protection in the follicle. External use n-acetyl-cysteine reportedly produced rejuvenation.

The combination of all these amino acids into a shampoo, meaning nutrients to the follicles and hair strands fastest and allows for the hair as thick as possible.