Improve Your Kid's Emotional Intelligence

We have all witnessed this scenario: a kid is on the floor crying his lungs out because he can’t have the candy that he wants. We all feel sorry for the helpless parent while earnestly hoping that we will never be in the parent’s shoes. There must be a number of reasons why the kid is having tantrums, but more often than not, it is because the kid is very impatient and cannot control his emotions. On the other hand, we have also heard about the kid who seems so mature that he knows how to pacify his friends during a fight.

Studies have shown that besides intellect, emotional intelligence has a bigger impact on achieving success than any other factors. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, evaluate, and manage our emotions and of other’s as well. Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) is how emotional intelligence is measured. According to Dr. Daniel Goleman, a Harvard psychologist that pioneered the study on EQ, “Whatever our mental faculties may be, our EQ determines how well we put them to use.” An emotionally intelligent kid can understand his feelings, control them and express them in a healthy way. He can also understand the feelings of others better and will be able to respond to it accordingly.

Of course, developing your kids IQ is important, but you should not neglect the development of his EQ either. Emotional Intelligence can be applied in many different aspects of our lives. Socially, kids with high EQ are more skilled than others. They can express their feelings coherently and they are good listeners. Since kids with high EQ can manage their emotions well, they are more resilient to peer pressure, disappointments and worries. Kids can also become more independent and responsible. They can also develop self-discipline easier because of their ability to gauge and control their feelings.

Developing your kid’s emotional intelligence is a continuous process. Online virtual worlds are a fun tool to help you raise emotionally intelligent kids. These virtual worlds are like a virtual playground where you can monitor your child interaction with other kids and guide him accordingly. It also contains challenges for your kid so you can observe how he deals with them. Since it is a game, your child won’t mind the lessons you have for him. Make sure to choose a virtual world that is appropriate for your kid’s age to make it easy and comfortable for both of you.

As your kid enters the game, watch him socialise with other kids. Train him to be respectful in conversing with other people. Since non-verbal communication is absent in a virtual world chat, you can use this to teach your kid to be careful in what he says so he doesn’t offend others and in discerning about what the others mean.

You can also use the games in the virtual world to show your kid how to handle success and defeat gracefully. Develop patience and self-discipline by making rules on when and how long he can play the game. You can also use virtual worlds to teach your kid how to handle negative situations. Like all playgrounds, bullies also exist on online virtual worlds. With the safety tools that these games employ, you can teach kids how to deal with bullies in a positive manner. Disappointments can also happen on virtual worlds. Turn these into opportunities to discuss his emotions and evaluate them.

Improving your kid’s emotional intelligence alongside his intellect will make your child well-developed and balanced – making him better equipped in achieving his dreams.

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