How to Copy Nintendo WII Video games Without a Mod Chip

A new game burning computer software make it doable to create 1:1 copies of your Nintendo WII game assortment, without the need of any modifications to your console.

The superior issue is that way your warrant remain intact, and there is no possibility of in excess of burn you Nintendo WII since in excess of expanded power in the circuits, by incorporating a mod chip.

This game burning computer software does not only operate with Nintendo WII, but can also copy online games from Xbox 360, Xbox, Ps2, PS3, Game Cube and Personal computer online games as nicely.

There is a large amount of dollars to be saved creating a back up of your online games, since there is not warrant or dollars back warranty on online games. If the game gets ruined it is missing endlessly and you have to expend dollars on the exact same game two times.

Here is how you can copy and back up your Nintendo WII online games:

–       Put in the game burning computer software on your computer, and restart.

–       Open the game burning computer software software, and insert the initial Nintendo WII game disc to your computer.

–       Copy the game to a site on your computer, it may choose a tiny dependent on the dimension of the game.

–       Insert an vacant DVD disc to your DVD burner. Recognize that you may need a dual layer disc dependent on the dimension of the disc.

–       Observe the instructions and copy the game from your computer to the vacant DVD

You can create as several copies as you like, just remember to keep the initial on a protected place, and make copies from that when the backup DVDs wears out.