How and Where to Get Spearfishing Equipment You Need

Because spearfishing has become both a sport and a means of livelihood in some parts of the world, it is no surprise that the availability of the equipment you need has also increased, so much so that avid spear fishermen can be hard pressed about finding the best ones at prices that won’t break the bank.

To choose the best equipment for spearfishing, you need to really sure about what you need and not just keep on grabbing every item you see on the store shelves or online. You need to choose equipment based on your needs, choose the best one for the job you want done. Unless you’re really old school and want to do it just like the men in the old days did it, you’ll need just a spear, good eyesight and some mean hand to eye coordination to get by.

These days, spearfishing doesn’t just mean coming at the game fish with just a sharpened stick and equally sharpened senses. The first thing you’ll be need aside from the best spear gun is a buoy, more commonly referred to as float lines. They provide the link between your speargun and your spearfishing float. It also helps other boats easily spot you and prevents any accidents or injuries from happening while you are spearfishing.

To get the largest and most colorful lines is the best in this case, and to be able to choose the best float lines, you need to consider two types: high visibility float lines are best if you want to go for major visibility under water. Blend in float lines on the other hand, are best if you want to go unnoticed by your prey under water. These are lines that are very visible above water and virtually invisible under. Click here to check out the best float lines that you can buy online.

Flashers on the other hand, are shiny objects or a collection of shiny objects that spear fishermen hang in the water column to attract game fishes. They can come in the form of high visibility line winders, cuta flashers that are designed to attract large pelagic fish, snoek flashers to attract medium-sized pelagic fish and prism films, which are stick-on, reflective hologram film which are stuck on the ends of guns and fins to attract pelagic and reef fishes. These are all available in single or packs of 6 or more. View website to check out some of the best flashers that do the job well.

Another important piece of equipment you need for spearfishing is bank boards. These make for great surface support for free diving and are also used as carrying cases for your spearfishing gear as well. They come with detachable straps so you can carry them like a backpack and as they are made of virtually indestructible polyethylene, they will be able to withstand bashing against rocks, dropping and fish spiking.

They are also flexible in terms of usage as in addition to being used to stow your gear in, they can also be used as a paddle board to the surf to get you to your destination and as a floater to tow behind the boat when transferring from site to site. Find out more about banks board here and learn more about how they can be the best functional equipment for your spearfishing expeditions.

Other equipment that you need to complete your spearfishing experience are dive masks and snorkels to help you see and breathe well under water, wetsuits and stinger suits to help keep you warm under water and to protect you from jellyfish stings that can be poisonous as we all know. You will also need spearfishing fins to make for faster and smoother swimming and dive knives that you use to kill the fish after it’s been speared.

Getting top of the line items like those manufactured by Spetton for example, is recommended as you can’t go wrong with high-quality manufacturers that have been in the business for many years and know a spear fisherman’s needs inside and out. You can check for the best spetton in and get them at prices that fit any budget.