History Of Car Games

1977 saw the first ever discovery of car games. This is the year when the first car racing game was published. Atari Inc. published Indy 500 and used a video gaming console that was easy very easy to play. With the first video game, there were only two cars competing through 25 laps. There were also just two tracks of which a player could choose any of them. The video game’s levels of difficulty were also two. As the years progressed, more car games were developed by the company as well as by others. The Night Driver took the world by storm. The development of each of these games kind of had a negative effect on the latter. As older games became wiped out, others were created. For those who wanted to remain in the market, they had to go an extra mile and upgrade the old games or invent new ones. The Sega Master System made a great impact and gained a lot of prominence after releasing the best of all games; the World Grand Prix Formula One. Up to date, the game is a favorite of a lot of people. It had additional features unlike the other games which gave control over the racer. This therefore became the first game with an editor that let the player choose the track to race on and even create new tracks that suited them. This was an eye opener to many companies as later on; more technologically advanced games were released. The Hyper Rally for instance that was released shortly after incorporated new graphics and features like turbo outputs and different tire pressure. Prominent car games later on especially in the 90’s became the norm of the day. Speed was given prominence in the new makes such as the Acura NSX, Dodge Viper and Mazda RX7. In these, one had the option of choosing the course to undertake and the speed to race at. The major transformation hit in 1997 when Playstation published 3D game called the Carmgeddon. This is because the game, ‘a destruction derby’ had a lot of violence in it and was not suitable to many people. It some nations, it was censored and in others, it was censored. In the modern day, there has been an up rise of new games and consoles like the PlayStation, Computers and Xbox. Other games are also played online and even competed for real prizes.