Getting Your Dog Ready For Agility Competitions

For a long time now, we have learned to think about dog competitions as a fashion show more than anything else. However, as a result of the overwhelming success of these dog fashion shows, organizers have been pushed to develop dog competitions a step further, including agility as a skill to consider in a well trained dog. Agility competitions have turned out to be a great success and one of the most difficult challenges for judges at the moment of deciding a winner. A dog that shows enthusiasm and mobility resembles good health, nurturing surroundings and motivation.

Teaching your dog to be more agile can be somewhat difficult, but enjoyable as well. Testing agility in your dog is done through a specific competition involving an obstacle course. There are many variations in the design of the obstacle course; however, the number of hurdles is close to 26 in most cases. The primary goal of the competition is to complete the course while avoiding obstacles and hurdles in the least amount of time. This type of dog game has grown in popularity compared to the other events in a dog competition. Although it can be found as part of a competition in Australia and the United States, they are most popular in the United Kingdom.

Like in every dog game, some hurdles will be easy, while others will be most demanding, requiring some skill and talent. Of the two primary types of courses, only one aims to test agility skills, the other involves jumping. The jumping course is very much like the ones made for horseback riding; only a jockey does not ride the dog. These courses contain hurdles that are up to four feet high, some have more than one at random distances from each other. Dogs must follow a path all the way through, and touch a marker with their paw at the end of each obstacle.

In order to participate in these agility testing competitions, you must be associated with the Scottish Kennel Club (SKC) or the American Kennel Club if the U.S. in addition to the agility club. These clubs offer training courses where it’s members can meet for practice a couple of times per week. This is a place where dog owners finally see eye to eye and exchange tips and ideas besides the physical training required to develop agility skills.

Your dog must be at least one year old before he is allowed to train for this type of event. However, many pet owners start of earlier with their dogs at home, with simple tasks like a small log on the ground your dog can start jumping over. There are also some training products in the market that can help get you and dog started in agility training.

Prepare to invest much time an effort in this type of training. But let’s not forget it can be a lot of fun as well. You will be very pleased, even with the smaller accomplishments made by your dog.