Free Online Game Utopia: Dare to Make Your Dream True

A world unlike any other where reality and dreams come together, where the lowliest of peasants can become the become Lord of their own province and the world where only the greatest can survive. Yes it is the world of Utopia. It is the world’s popular multiplayer game based on a medieval fantasy game that is played on the web directly through your browser. Get ready to get yourself exposed to the most unique and exciting experiences on the net.

While playing this challenging game you should remember that your instincts and abilities should be your guiding force. You are being challenged every time in the world of Utopia and so this game particularly demands your skill and careful attention. You have to act according to the demand of the circumstances. Every decision and every challenge that you make will be yours and no one else if you want to become a Lord or lady in Utopia. You have to decide when to be ruthless and when to be compassionate. The decisions of running an empire of might or magic are completely yours.

Your responsibility as Lord or Lady of your lands is huge as your decisions will have direct affect on the daily lives of the people of your land. You work involves enrolling the people of your province into your service, sending them off to war, taking decision on when and what spells to cast, what to build, and what will be the lifestyle of your population. As you play this online multiplayer game you will become more familiar with its workings.

One of the most challenging aspects of the Utopian world is the different creatures that occupy its lands. Among the different creatures found in this Utopian world many live amongst the woods and seas and only a few live in societies, in communities upon which you have your hold. These communities consist of six Utopian races with different characteristics that you will be required to choose one upon signing up because race defines some of the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of your province. They are humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, gnomes and dark elves. You will also have to select one personality from eight (the merchant, the shepherd, the sage, the rogue, the mystic, the warrior, the war hero and the freak) each with unique benefits to help further develop strength of your race or possibly counter a weakness when you create your account. The strategy of right combination of race and personality will guide how you play the game which you will learn as you gain more experience in the game. You will better understand when you continue playing this online game knowing the benefits and drawbacks to various combinations.