Find Inexpensive PS3 Games and Accessories Available

Who doesn’t love games?!? I don’t think I can name one person that is my age who doesn’t enjoy playing video games online or offline, it’s just a fact of life! Between the DS lites and the Xbox 360s there’s no denying that gaming is a large part of a lot of people’s lives. According to market researcher David Cole, who runs the firm DFC Intelligence, his best estimate is that 40 percent of U.S. households own a working video-game console. Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Morgan Securities, estimates that 52 percent of households own consoles. Neither Cole nor Pachter is counting handheld devices, such as Nintendo’s Game Boy or Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP). Whether it’s 40% or 52% those are still pretty large percentages regarding ownership of gaming consoles!

The only downside to teasing us with all these new gaming capabilities is the price. Wii, for example, has been out for a while now and it still costs a few hundred bucks to buy one of these things. I even tried eBay, one of my all time favorite stores and the price can go up to $4,000 when bidding! That, to me, is just ridiculous. I would never pay that much for a system, ever! Sony Playstation 3 comes in at around $400 on a site like Best Buy, and Xbox 360 comes in at around $260 for a regular Xbox 360 and at around $400 for an Elite. The games aren’t much better heading in at around $40-$100 per game depending on its popularity and if it’s a special “limited” game.

So, what exactly are people supposed to do? Just not buy these consoles or games? No! Here’s what I do, I visit sites that have cheap or discount games and consoles. This allows you to buy the same exact quality assurance product at a store such as Best Buy but not pay an arm and a leg for the product. For example, a PS3 at a discount store will cost somewhere around $284 compared to other predecessors such as Best Buy for $400. That is sick! In this case, you could buy a discount PS3 for you and a friend and just top the price of one PS3 at Best Buy. The same goes for the top PS3 games. For example, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PS3) cost about $40 at Best Buy, and at discount stores about $20! That’s a $20 savings difference! Alright, let’s try for top PS3 accessories. The Logitech Driving Force Pro Wheel (PS3) From Logitech (yes the discount sites sell everything the regular stores do) which cost about $150 in retail stores and $75 in discount store. That’s pretty incredible.

So, really, which choice is the best choice? Really, I would go for the discount store. You can have all the same high quality products the regular stores sell, for a fraction of the price, and who doesn’t love saving money?!? Try it out for yourself so you can see exactly what I mean. Have fun and if you get stuck on any of the games you can always look for PS3 cheats online, there are plenty around!