Error Code Record of the Psp

The PSP (limited for PlayStation Transportable) that is launched and manufactured by Sony Computer system Amusement is one particular of the most popular handheld game console. The Sony PSP is a excellent handheld gaming console, not only for the reason that it is fundamentally a handheld PlayStation two with strong graphics, but for the reason that of all the other worth-added options it arrives with, particularly the photograph viewer, the audio player, and video clip player. With its strong functions, you can enjoy great video games as properly as looking at movies, searching illustrations or photos and making the most of the songs.

There is a time you may possibly meet up with an mistake when you are actively playing the PSP. The mistake is a code that is practically unattainable to have an understanding of. Right here is a record of mistake codes and it may possibly assistance.

UUKN9000001 = The update cannot be started off. The knowledge is corrupted. (Brought on by modifying knowledge in official update files)

FFFFFED3 = mysterious (may well be decryption mistake)

ffffffff = PSP update unsuccessful

80000025 = The procedure cannot be updated. the update system is not relevant for the procedure.

80010002 = The game could not be started off (e.g. Operate PSP Radio and Rin GB Emulator under version1.five)

80010013 = machine / media not discovered (The memory stick may possibly be destroyed)

80010087 = The game could not be started off

8001B002 = mysterious

80020001 = kernel mistakes

80020001 = generic kernel mistake (default)

800200D9 = unsuccessful to allocate the memory block

800200E4 = The game could not be started off

80020130 = file go through mistake

8002032c = mysterious (Test to operate higher model game or customized system for two.xx under version1.five)

80020148 = PRX form unsupported

800244C = kernel mistakes

80100D00 = The Channel could not be added (Including RSS in browser)

80110305 = Load unsuccessful. The Memory Adhere” could not be accessed.

80110482 = occurs when take a look at of wlan infrastructure relationship fails.

80220087 = mysterious

80220180 = Structure unsuccessful.

80410001 = community mistakes

80410410 = Can not connect to the given accessibility position

80410A0B = Inside Error

80410D07 = mysterious (probably wlan)

80410D09 = A relationship mistake has happened.

80410D11 = A relationship mistake has happened (during take a look at relationship)

80410D16 = community mistakes

DADADADA – Working a FW Update in DAX customized FW

80010087 – Error looking at UMD or UMD not existing

80110305 – Load unsuccessful. The Memory Adhere could not be accessed

FFFFFFFF – PSP update unsuccessful

UKN9000001 – update cant start out, knowledge corrupt

80020148 – Unsupported PRX form | This mistake also appears to surface when you are managing an iso with a phony mem. Adhere

98765432 – Chosen a language who’s font has been taken out. DAX FW ONLY Error!

8001006F – Distant Perform relationship mistake. Most very likely when no PS3 is sending a signal above your community.

800200D1 – Ran homebrew with out Homebrew enabled firmware.

8002014C – Ran kxploited homebrew with out Homebrew enabled firmware.

80020321 – Ran a game that won’t support NO-UMD* (DAX FW ONLY!)

80110404 – Network mistake, try out restore default configurations to correct

CA000005 – keys.bin not discovered when making an attempt to operate a PS1 game.

80000004 – its just a normal mistake code that the PSP spits out when it won’t have an understanding of a little something… could indicate anything actually.

80110307 – Load Failed There is no Data out there

80010002 – Placing the POPS EBOOT in the completely wrong folder

80000001 – Bought it when making an attempt to operate PSP filer model three.six on three.40* firmware

00000001 – WiFi mistake. Happens when no accessibility factors are detected in official three.7X and customized three.7X firmware.

80410A0B – Free WiFi card

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