Division Bingo Card Maker

Teachers are always searching for educational activities that can be used as a means of practising divisions. An option that an increasing number of teachers are today using in their classes is introducing a variation of bingo. The way that division bingo is conducted is just like standard bingo but with one important change: the bingo cards are printed with numbers which are the answers to division questions rather than the typical numbers used in bingo. Each one of the students in class is given one of these bingo cards, the teacher plays the part of the bingo caller, but calling out division problems instead of the bingo numbers directly, and you play the game until you find a winner. Winners are determined using the normal rules of bingo, except of course marked off numbers only count if they have been crossed off by answering a division question.

Of course, the main requirement that a teacher will need to play a game of division bingo in class is a set of bingo cards printed with the the numbers which are the solutions to the teacher’s selected division problems. This may well sound like a major problem. But luckily, printing out customised bingo cards is very easy just by using your PC and a bingo card maker program. Just download and install the program on a computer, and you can be printing out the bingo cards only minutes later.

To summarise, many teachers are learning that adapted versions of the game of bingo can easily be applied classroom math practise. It is an enjoyable activity, but also with educational value – so why don’t you consider giving it a go?