Best Wii Games

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The third entry in what is possibly the greatest fighting game series of all, Super Smash Bros. It features over a dozen new characters with an overall higher quality of movesets than either of the other two games. It also features third-party mascots for the first time, including fan-favorites Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog. With more items, most notably the Final Smash Ball, and stages than ever before, plus a fun story mode, new trophies, a sticker system, the ability to create your own stages, and much more, this is easily the biggest must-have for anyone who owns a Wii.  

2. Super Mario Galaxy

The most original entry in the Super Mario Bros. series since Super Mario 64 successfully made the transition to 3D. Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and takes her to outer space, so Mario, along with the help of Princess Rosalina and the star-like Lumas, heads after him into the cosmos.  You take Mario between hundreds of little planetoids and dodge some of the most unique and creative obstacles in platforming. The story may be simple, but the gameplay is highly intuitive, and the various planets that you visit are so much fun that it does not matter. You might get a tad disoriented, but the game is well worth it.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The most recent console entry into the greatest video game series of all time, The Legend of Zelda. It features a brand new Link, many years after the Ocarina of Time, having to deal with the sudden appearance of massive twilight creatures and sections of twilight appearing all across Hyrule. This time, he can turn into a wolf when he goes inside these sections, and he has a new partner, a little spunky imp named Midna. It has the best storyline of any Zelda game to date, and Midna is one of the most interesting characters in the series. The motion sensor controls may not be the best for the Wii, but the game is so much fun that it does not matter.

4. Metroid Prime 3

The third and final part of the extremely popular game trilogy Metroid Prime, featuring the continuing adventures of one of video gamedom’s most famous female protagonists, Samus Aran. It continues the Phazon-oriented plotline of the last two games and brings back the subseries’ antagonist, Dark Samus, previously known as Metroid Prime. It has superb voice acting and some of the best graphics and designs on the Wii, and its motion sensor-based shooting controls are a huge improvement from the previous games in the series. It also features a brand new hint system and navigation assistance for people who get stuck. In many ways, it is the best game of the trilogy

5. Resident Evil 4

The remake of the critically acclaimed Gamecube game, it features motion-based shooting controls with the Wii Remote that place a crosshair on the screen for aiming. It features the return of popular series protagonist Leon S. Kennedy and more action-oriented gameplay style, as opposed to previous games which emphasized the preservation of ammunition. The game features a complex and engrossing story with particularly good voice acting on the part of Paul Mercier for Leon, and a whole different kind of fighting with more weapons and unique enemies, like parasite-controlled humans called Los Ganados and the members of the Los Illuminados cult.