Benefits of Marijuana in the Health Field

In the health field, the use of marijuana plants with the proper dose can actually save lives from various kinds of diseases. Prior consultation to experts one Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors assist patients in making decisions. Moreover, the agencies have websites Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida that facilitate patients from all over the world to consult online.

Marijuana plant (Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis) is a wild herbaceous plant that thrives in tropical and sub-tropical which has a height of 1,000 meters above sea level. Here are some of the benefits of medical cannabis that has been proven by research from trusted institutions, such as the Medical Marijuana Florida

Marijuana Relieve Pain

Research University of California. Most people with diabetes nerve damage in the feet and hands. Symptoms include a burning sensation in the body part. Recently, researchers at the University of California found Cannabis effectively relieve pain caused by nerve damage. But until now the US Drug Administration, FDA, has not given the green light for marijuana therapy for patients with Diabetes

Cannabis Protects Brain

Research University of Nottingham. Cannabis is proven to protect the brain from damage caused by stroke. The study mentions marijuana limit the area of the brain affected by the stroke. Although not tested clinically, the findings reinforce other theory that marijuana was also able to minimize the damage due to trauma or concussions.