The Past, Present, and Future of Professional Gaming (MLG)

Major League Gaming (MLG) is the home of professional gaming and it has been since 2002. Today we are in 2015, professional gaming has been around for 13 years and has grown tremendously since it started. The atmosphere, locations, games / consoles, and prizes have all changed in these past 13 years.

When Major League Gaming first started most people thought of it as a joke more than anything. People thought, professional gaming really? Yes really professional gaming was a thing then. It did not get a lot of attention from outsiders and or non-gamers, but that would change. The atmosphere at the beginning of MLG was nothing spectacular, the only emotional feeling you could get would be from the players, and the tiny amount of spectators. It was equivalent to watching a sports game with a tiny amount of viewers. Over the time period the atmosphere grew to a whole new level; over time of course. Today the atmosphere is crazy. You can feel the intensity as a viewer, you can see the hype from the players, and there are actual crowds of people watching. Not only are they watching but they are supporting their team, just like a sporting event. Fans make signs, and cheer for their favorite teams and players. Looking into the future, this will only continue to grow. There will be more fans as time goes on and that means more of an atmosphere and excitement. Also, as time goes on new players will come into the scene and add more excitement to the atmosphere. I guess we will see what happens.

At the beginning of MLG tournaments were held in banquet halls. The events were held in these locations for a while. I do not know when MLG had gotten their arena but currently …

World of Warcraft – TBC Gold Grinding Spots

I having been playing World of Warcraft for about a year with different characters. I never seemed to have enough gold for doing the things I wanted done. I think of myself as an average player meaning I’m not a complete WoW-addict but I play about 5-10 hours per week.

Until a couple of weeks ago I had about 1,800 golds but I haven’t bought my epic mount and that cost 5,000 gold. I tried to figure out how to make another 3,200 gold and finally started to consider buying it for real money. Instead I found a gold making guide that promised I could make up to and above 150g/hour. At first I was skeptical, after playing this game for a year I figured that I have picked up most of the tricks in gold grinding. The guide was about $40 and to purchase 3,200 gold would cost a lot more and if I’m poor in WoW that is nothing compared to real life.

Making Gold The Easy Way!

First of all, let me tell you: There is no easy way to make gold. You just have to know what to do to get the most in return. You still have to grind. But you will grind in a very profitable way.

In the e-book I learned about a place with lots of level 62 mobs with approximately 3,000 health which is very low for this level of mob and making them an easy kill. They have a high drop rate for motes of water which are always in high demand and these mobs respawn quickly making this a perfect gold farming area. I estimate you could make at 90 to 100 gold an hour their from selling the vendor trash, the greens (which are quite frequent) and the …

Free PDA Chess Games

If you want to play the full version PDA or pocket PC chess games free, there is a world of freeware downloads waiting for you. Most freeware sites offer downloads that are compatible with all the major brands of PDAs (personal digital assistants). Free version PDA chess game downloads are simple and fast. Demo versions of PDA chess games can also be downloaded from the Internet. Players need to register the downloaded demo version in order to get full access.

Free smart phone or PDA chess games are perfect for travelers, regardless of age. They can make the journey enjoyable and constructive. The games provide the full range of levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. They have degrees of complexity and excellent graphics. The rules and chess pieces of PDA chess games are the same as that of conventional chess.

PDA chess games give top class strength and features to hand sets. They offer a chess engine to learn and analyze the game. PDA chess software provides many features for beginners to learn and improve their game. The game has facilities to point out mistakes and give hints. Most PDA chess software can be interfaced with desktop software. Hence this software may be used on both computers and handsets.

PDA chess programs run fast with full features on pocket PCs. The performance of chess software varies, depending on the processor speed and the PDA operating system version. Hence the user must check the product for satisfactory operation on the pocket PC before purchase. Almost all computer chess game manufacturers offer PDA chess games.

In short, if you want to play the full version of your favorite chess game, you can do it with your PDA, conveniently and privately. Free downloads of pocket PC chess games are one of the …

SNES Reproductions – The Resurrection of Retro Gaming

Super Nintendo (SNES) Reproductions are the new sensation among retro gaming collectors. These SNES reproductions are games that have been reprogrammed and recycled to have and play a new game that has either, never been released in the United States, is a prototype, a fan made game, or a hack of an original game. The process of making a SNES reproduction is quite complicated; you have to be really tech savvy in order to pull off one of these beauties. Luckily there are online sites that do all this work for you.

Collectors who are crazy about Super Nintendo games, often learn how to do SNES reproduction because they enjoyed playing Japanese import games on a computer emulator (PC software that plays ROMs, SNES games), but the feeling of retro gaming was not quite there yet. They prefer to play Japanese import games on the actual console and in English. Research is a principal factor to be able to know all the technical aspects of a SNES cart and understand them. Once you learn the SNES specifications you can recycle old unwanted SNES cartridges, which are called donor carts, and turn them into legit Super Nintendo reproduction; you won't really know the difference between a repro and an original game! Only games that can be legally made into reproduction are as mentioned before are: fan made games, never before released in the US, and prototypes that never made it in the market. Some of the best titles of reproductions include:

• Secrete of Mana 2

• Legend of Zelda BS

• Clock Tower

• Megaman and Bass

• Terranigma

• Dragon Ball Z RPG

The cons about Super Nintendo reproduction carts, is that all the information to learn how to make them is free online. Anybody can learn how to …

Fishing For Nettlefish in World of Warcraft

I know a few of you may be getting a bit sick of fish related topics but bare with me. This is the 3rd installment into my epic fish feast experiment and we move onto the final fish required to cook it. Nettlefish are found in Wintergrasp, Ulduar, Dragonblight but most of all in Sholzar Basin. A lot of guides about this fish suggest going into the heart of Sholzar basin where the fishing quest for the ghostfish takes place. Whilst it is true that this spot usually has around 3 pools they do not respawn fast enough to be classed as an efficient place to catch them.

There are two sensible options for routes to take. One is to start off at rivers heart and work your way down one of its 4 tributaries. The second option is the one I used and involves starting at the northern end of Sholzar Basin at Bittertide lake. The lake is big enough to provide enough pools for an average speed fisherman to constantly loop around it. If you are finding the pools aren’t spawning quick enough for you then you always have the option of following the southern tributary that leads to Rivers Heart as it usually contains 2-3 pools. The main reason I decided to do my route around the lake is that my character is a miner and at the west end of the lake are 3 mining nodes which could at any time spawn some tasty titanium ore or some rich saronite deposits.

Fishing up 200 of these beauties took 104 minutes and came with 81g worth of materials and Pygmy Suckerfish. Now when we look at selling the fish and its cooked variants we come to a bit of a disappointing conclusion. Not only does the raw …

Shape or Color

Another skill game which made by an independent game developer here; If you love playing skill games like "aa", "Flappy Bird", "Angry Birds", you should try playing Shape or Color.

Shape or Color is a% 100 indie game which means it was developed by an independent developer.

Did you ever think how much you paid for "free" games you downloaded?

Are you fed up with endless in-game purchases that lead you nowhere but purchasing even more?

Did you remember paying lots of money for that weapon to be able to fight harder monsters and bosses?

Or alternatively, you had to grind for gold coins for almost a week to be able to get that weapon, how did it feel?

Did you miss the old games you paid once to own the game? There were nothing like "pay to win" then …

A lot of free games are as you know, pay to win; You simply install the game and play until you are stuck at a hard level or boss fight. Here you either need to grind for hours for required items to pass the level or you need to spend real money to buy items to give you an edge!

Some games are paid and they still offer you advantageous in-game items in exchange for your money!

Or you know some of the free games give you in-game coins if you watch their advertisements, very clever, isn't it?

Shape or Color is a paid game for Android on Google Play store. There are no in-game offers. You just pay once and you play the game forever, just like in the old days.

Gameplay is pretty clear:

There are 3 shapes in the game; circle, square and triangle.

There are 3 colors in the game; purple, red and yellow.

Dropping …

Cricket World Cup 2007 – The Most Eagerly Awaited Event

World cup is the most prestigious tournament in the cricketing world for players, officials, administrators and, of course, the fans. This year the tournament will be held in the month of March in the Caribbean Island of West Indies. Cricket World cup, which is organized by the ICC or International Cricket Council, is held after every four years to find out the team that is the best. Like any other game, players who play cricket also dream of being the best in the world. The only way for them to become world champion is to beat all the strong teams in the world cup. Cricket world cup 2007 promises to be an exciting event, because players will perform to the best of their abilities.

In the cricket world cup 2007, all test playing teams along with some minnows will compete with each other in their quest to become the best cricket team in the world. This time also the reigning world champions, Australia are considered to be the top contender for the title. In the run up to the world cup, Australia has lost many games to England and New Zealand, but cricket is a strange game and things can turn in any direction at anytime. Though the Australian team has lost some of the confidence going to the cricket world cup 2007, yet one can expect the unexpected from the team. After all they have been world champions since the last two world cup tournament, and they must surely have something in them to be so. They could even end up being the world champions in cricket world cup 2007.

Cricket World Cup 2007 is the one tournament that all fans and players are looking forward to. Fans that are crazy about the game are already planning out their …

7 WoW Farming Ideas for Newbies

Let’s face it, most online information for World of Warcraft, be it talents specs, macros, or instance strategies, favor the high level, end game content users: the level 85’s. New players wishing to get to that level have to grind their way to the top. Armor and weaponry takes gold to purchase, repair and improve, and the only sure-fire way to get that much-needed gold supply, besides sitting in the AH all day waiting for a deal to pop up, is to grind for it.

Well, here are a few suggestions for you farmers out there who want to break up the monotony.


One of the best starting areas for a mining farmer is among the Blood Elves in Eversong Woods. These hills are loaded with copper nodes and a double circuit around the perimeter will net you enough ore and semi-precious gemstones than one can carry, so make sure you obtain the largest bags you can afford early on. Once your bags are full, travel to Silvermoon City and smelt it at the forge.

Copper sells well, in both smelted bars and raw ore, in the Auction House. Once you have enough gold from your sales, stop mining and start smelting to level up your skill. Buying ore from the AH and smelting it is fast and cheap in the beginning. Should you find yourself running short of funds and a few skill points shy of leveling, head into the Ghostlands and mine any tin or silver nodes you find.

Buy or mine enough tin until you can smelt bronze. Keep this up as long as prices are cheap. You may want to download a good auction house add-on (like Auctionator or Auctionlite from one of the reputable add-on sites) to help make instant price comparisons.

There is …

Free PSP Downloads – Games – Over 27 Best PSP Download Sites Reviewed

The PSP hand held video game console has got to be one of my all time favorites! Like all game consoles that I have had over the years I sooner or latter begin the quest for cheap or in this case free PSP downloads. You have a few available options if you wish to get some PSP games online.

First option (PSP Download games for free) Tread carefully as most games contain bugs and spyware

If you are prepared to take the risk of downloading games riddled with spyware, and all sorts of bugs you can take the plunge in a search engine, looking for the term free PSP games You will know when you have found a site as you will most likely also get porn banners and message prompts as there sites try to embed files on your computer without you knowing. Once you get past the banners and message prompts you may or may not find something to download! If you do find something to download – even on a high speed cable or DSL connection you will get the file in 2 – 3 days or so & still run the risk of getting a virus or having spy ware installed.

Second option – PSP Download for FREE (APPARENTLY)

There are many other sites out there that tend to look allot cleaner as they don’t have porn banners and pop ups but have many hidden fees such as monthly plus a download fee per game. I’m not to fond of this at all as we have the Third option

OK here it is option Three (MY FAVORITE)

Don’t worry people i wasn’t going to leave you in the dark ! There are sites out there that will let you download till your hearts content at TURBO …

Five Interesting Facts About The Touchdown Passes Of Doug Flutie

Doug Flutie seemed to be a fan favorite wherever he played. He captured the attention of a nation for his play at Boston College University, he was one of the most popular and successful quarterbacks to ever play in the Canadian Football League, and he was even popular on the rosters of the four different teams he played with in the National Football League.

Here is a look at some interesting facts surrounding the TD passes that Doug Flutie threw while in the NFL.

#1 Doug Flutie was most effective during the second quarter. During his time in the NFL he threw 17 touchdown passes in the first quarter, 16 in the third quarter, and 22 in the fourth quarter. During the second quarter he surpassed these numbers by far as he put up 31 TD passes in that period.

#2 The first NFL touchdown pass that Flutie ever threw came during his rookie year and was completed to one of the greatest players to ever play the game. It came during the second quarter of a 48-14 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while he was playing for the Chicago Bears. The pass went for 27 yards and was caught by eventual Pro Football Hall of Fame member Walter Payton. His first post season TD pass came that same season and went for 50 yards to Willie Gault in a loss to the Washington Redskins.

#3 No player caught more NFL touchdown passes from Doug Flutie than Buffalo Bills wide receiver Eric Moulds. Together, they teamed up to score 15 times during their brief time as teammates.

#4 During his career, Flutie threw more touchdowns against a team that he also played for than he did against anyone else. He threw eight TD passes against the New England Patriots, …