Aion Asmodian Leveling Guide – Top Tips For Fast Leveling

Using an Aion Asmodian leveling guide can help anyone level up faster. I know because I’m not much of a PvE player and still the guide I used helped me get it done faster than ever before. But it was different with Aion because from level 25 I got to go to the PvP zone of the game and things got interesting there. Using the Asmodian leveling guide made me see some tips anyone could use to hasten things up.

1. First of all, Aion Online is different because you will have to mix both quests and grinding in order to level up. Since it’ll be needed to kill a lot of mobs make sure your character is dressed up and trained for maximum damage. Don’t bother training defensive abilities if you have the let go of some damage. If you go defensive, grinding will be very hard as you wont kill mobs very fast and still get hit.

2. In the Aion Asmodian leveling guide I used, all the locations I needed to go to were in the middle of mobs. All though you might want to avoid any unnecessary aggro, you shouldn’t. Kill everything that is in your way to and from a quest location. You’ll end up making a lot of XP just by going to do quests, and when you turn those in you get even more so leveling will be pretty fast.

3. Any Aion Asmodian leveling guide should tell you about Manastones, Enchantements and Godstones. These imbue different parts of your gear with more attributes or skills. Enchantements are for armor parts and give attributes. Manastones are for weapons, they increase the damage and critical hit ratings. Godstones apply procs to your weapons. Make sure you always have those equal to your level so that you can benefit the most from them.

It’s tips like these that helped me enjoy the game and make sure I’ll never get stuck. If you are having trouble in the game, then consider using an Aion Asmodian leveling guide.