A Weiss Lake Alabama Crappie Fishing Guide

Weiss Lake Alabama is one of the most popular places to go crappie fishing in North America. With a little over four hundred and forty miles of shoreline the Weiss Lake is famous for its crappies that average between 2 and 3 pounds.

In fact, it is so well-known for it’s crappie that it has earned the name “Crappie Capital of the World”. One of the reasons why Weiss Lake is full of crappie is because it has the perfect habitat for this species to grow and thrive.

You will find many deep channels, drop-offs, coves and shallow flats located all through Weiss Lake. These areas are prefect for the crappie and they will be full of this species making it easy for anyone to reel in a nice catch. Therefore, search for crappie in these areas and you are sure to experience a great day out on the lake fishing.

If you enjoy the outdoors and love fishing then you should visit Weiss Lake in Centre Alabama at least once. It is a wonderful place to spend your vacation and do some amazing crappie fishing. It’s perfect for families to go out and enjoy fun on the water or for the serious angler who wants to take part in some fast action reeling in the crappies.

Anglers are always treated very well everywhere up and down this area because the Weiss Lake fishery is one of the major influences when it comes to economics in Cherokee County. Lake Weiss is an “Alabama Power Company hydroelectric impoundment” located on the border of Alabama and Georgia and it covers 30,200 acres.

Rules and Regulations

When fishing in Lake Weiss you need to follow the rules and regulations of the lake. Keep in mind that parts of the lake is regulated by Alabama and part is regulated by Georgia so it is important that you learn what rules apply to both states before going out crappie fishing. When it comes to crappie fishing on this lake there are two special rules that you need to remember and they are listed below.

“It shall be unlawful for any angler to fish with more than three rods and reels, or poles, or any combination thereof on Weiss Reservoir or Neely Henry Lake, at any time;”

“It is illegal to possess crappie less than 10-inches in total length;”

Here are a few more of the Alabama rules and regulations for fishing on Lake Weiss.

“It is a violation of Alabama law for any person to transport more than one day’s creel limit of game fish beyond the boundaries of this state.”

“It is a violation of Alabama law for any person to fillet a fish while fishing, or to possess fillets of fish while on public waters except when fish are being prepared for immediate cooking and consumption; provided however, that fish may be drawn or gutted with heads left attached.”

You must have an Alabama fishing license to fish on Weiss Lake when on the Alabama portion and a Georgia license when fishing in their state.

If you do a lot of fishing on the Lake it is suggested that you get both fishing licenses to be on the safe side. You can go online and download the complete list of rules and regulations that apply to fishing on Lake Weiss to make sure you know exactly what is expected.