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It is very annoying to lose your smartphone especially if you had bought it a very high price, and also if you had very critical data or information saved in that smartphone, this happen because smartphones are small devices are can quickly be forgotten anywhere if one is not careful.

It can become a tragedy if at all anytime our smartphones are lost we have to get new ones, this can be very discouraging because it would be a waste of money and resources, if we have to visit the smartphones shops each and every time we happen to lose these devices.

We are not dwelling in the old age anymore, and this new technology has enabled so many good things that help us daily, it has brought about so many different ways that can be used or applied to regain your lost devices such as smartphones at a fraction of a second. There are so many ways but one of them that help us in our day to day lives is the developed software that enables the tracking of your cell phone in case you have misplaced it, lost it or forgotten where it was last.

The way to tracking a cell phone that is either lost or misplaced is very simple, thanks to the new technology, because all you need is just a specific software for your particular smartphone and then the rest is as simple as blinking your eyes.

Some of this specific software are such as Android Device Manager for Android cell phones, and this type of software for tracking your cell phone can be downloaded from the Internet and then after installing it on your mobile phone, then you can start using or applying it.

When you have acquired this software, the next thing you are supposed to do is to log in or sign in to your Google account that you created initially, or that is being used in your lost device, this is very crucial to use the same Google account because if you sign in using a different Google account, then the two devices will not be linked.

The next stage after you are in your account is to be displayed the last location of your lost device by the software, and the details of that very phone.

Several options, however, are presented to an individual, whether he wants the phone to ring, whether to lock the device with a new code or even whether to erase all the data in the device.

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