A Good Life Coach Disciplines Us

A coach disciplines us, whether we know it or not. No, they don’t give time outs, or scold you in front of other clients, but in their own way they discipline us.

Coach = Disciplinarian

Do you discipline your clients? Are you a strict coach or a casual coach who lets your clients get away with anything they want? Many people think of athletic coaches when then think of discipline. They think of Bobby Knight yelling at his players or a stern-faced Vince Lombardi, in old NFL clips, giving “the eye” to a player who just made a major error. But, a life coach disciplines us in different ways.

How a Life Coach Disciplines Us

There is a difference between what a strict athletic coach does and what a life coach does. A life coach plays the part of teacher, mentor, and coach all rolled into one. A life coach helps client learn how to discipline themselves and how to make discipline a critical part of their goal achievement.

A life coach really doesn’t discipline us – a life coach shows you how to discipline yourself!

Put Discipline Before Success

Take a hint from good youth sports coaches. They are taught to put discipline ahead of winning. They teach sportsmanship, playing the game correctly, teamwork, and skill development long before winning (the ultimate goal).

If you want to be a successful life coach, you should teach values, ethics, behavior modification, and other skills before you worry about goals. Yes, you can identify a goal, but the really effective coaching comes when you can communicate the right way to live in order to someday reach that goal.

When you do this, you are a coach who disciplines us. You are a coach who doesn’t look for shortcuts to success. You are a coach who will be finding outcomes for your clients. You are a coach who clients will talk about, write testimonials about, and refer their friend and peers to. You will be a successful and desired coach!

You’re a Life Coach – Teach About Life!

Help your clients look at things that make life worth living. Help them learn how to connect with their feelings, their desires, and their passions. Help them connect with others and the world around them. Help them see that goals are merely products of behavior, desire, commitment, and hard work.

To be able to practice the right behaviors, channel desires properly, commit for the long run, and work hard despite obstacles and setbacks takes discipline. That’s what a life coach can do – a good coach disciplines us!

Be the Coach You Would Hire

What would you want in a life coach? I bet you would want them to work on discipline – to help you develop your own self-discipline. It’s hard to get anywhere in life without self-discipline. You want to lose weight? Stay away from the cookie jar! You want to be the best at a particular sport? You have to be the first one in the gym and the last one to leave! You want learn wealth management? You have to avoid those impulse buys at the checkout counter!

A coach disciplines us – that’s what a good coach does. Be a good coach and bring discipline into your coaching sessions!