A 10-Point Plan for Reviews (Without Being Overwhelmed)

A Guide to Passing the CIA Exam

How ready are you to pass the CIA exam? It is quite a feat to pass the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam, and candidates that have passed on their first try insist that preparations are very important.

This article takes you through a couple of useful CIA exam study tips to help you excel:

Understand the Test
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The CIA test has three sections. There are between 100 and 125 questions (multiple choice) in each part, and these should be answered in two or two and half hours. Most exam candidates say the third section is the most difficult and it includes questions that are conceptual and harder to understand. Armed with knowledge of the exam’s ins and outs will help you craft an appropriate study plan.
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Make Time for Studying

Of course, you know time has to be set aside for studying to enable you to be ready by a given date, although what makes real difference is the scheduling of your study time. You realize that digesting and remembering information acquired slowly over time is way easier than attempting to uptake it all at once the last minute.

To gain the upper hand, start by setting aside study time in your daily schedule, and follow the study schedule religiously, avoiding all likely distractions and focusing on just studies. The CIA test is not for crammers because it includes lots of questions that probe your capability for logical thinking and analysis rather just memorization of facts. Therefore, find time to read and understand tough concepts gradually, and avoid any temptation to memorize facts that you have not yet figured out.

Find the Right CIA Exam Resources

There’s no scarcity of resources you can use to prepare for the CIA exam. For example, find CIA review courses that can help you delve deep into the nature of this test. The most reliable tools contain thousands of sample CIA questions that the exam usually addresses.

Master the Science of Answer by Elimination

As the CIA is a multiple choice test, you can expect to always have one right answer among all the offered options. This is why you should never skip any question unanswered even if it is very difficult to understand.

You can try using the answer by elimination method when you’re unable to crack a CIA question using any other approach. With elimination, you first identify the choice that’s outright incorrect. There’s also the likelihood of an option that’s factually correct, but contextually irrelevant, and that should be ruled out as well.

Passing this exam is not easy when you’ve not used CIA exam resources to prepare. The above guidelines can help you pass the CIA exam.

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