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Tips for Controlling Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) happens to every male at sometimes; in fact, it’s only diagnosed as a problem only if occurs too frequently. It is when he ejaculates prior to penetration, or after just a few minutes or even seconds of thrusting. (It’s actually interesting to find out, based on research, that intercourse for most couples lasts an average of five to nine minutes.) In sex therapy, PE refers to a man who reaches an orgasm before he or his partner wants him to, and it is something he cannot control or change.

So what’s behind men reaching orgasm too soon? Physiological factors may be present, but in most cases, psychological causes are dominant. Anxiety and stress, along with infrequent sex, can have a hand, but the most common culprit is bad habits.

When the typical male learned masturbating in adolescence, it was most probably a secret activity. He may have learned orgasm during sexual excitement, kind of ashamed, and anxious his mom might enter the room – all creating a precept in his mind that he had to work fast to reach the goal.
Lessons Learned from Years with Cures

Thus, even without a conscious effort, many grown men have taught themselves to hurry their way through the sexual response cycle as fast as they could. As their sexual experience widens, some men learn to ease their way into lasting longer, while others get stuck.
What Has Changed Recently With Remedies?

Exercising the PC (Pubococcygeus) Muscle

Premature ejaculation can be helped by doing certain physical activities, one of the most effective of which is known as the Kegel exercise. This routine, which was created by Dr. Arnold Kegel, works by strengthening your pubococcygeus, or PC muscle. Along the floor of your pelvic cavity, this muscle goes from your pubic bone all the way to your tailbone. Strengthening it requires squeezing it, which can be done by restricting urine flow, then relax the muscle. You can do the routine anytime, not just during urination. Research indicates doing this ten times everyday can give you great results just after two to four weeks.

Practicing Control

You can practice control over your PC muscle by stimulating yourself. Prevent yourself from completion of the act. Carry on with the process until it feels like your ejaculation muscles are near contraction. Now stop. Divert your attention to anything non-sexual so you can stop yourself from ejaculating. Then continue, but consciously keep yourself from ejaculating. Repeat this five times before finally letting yourself reach orgasm. If you can do this by yourself, you will be able to delay your orgasm with a partner.

Premature ejaculation is something guys usually learn to control as they become more sexually experienced. With a combination of pharmacological solutions and exercises, a man can have a more fulfilling sex life, and so will his partner.

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