4 Simple Ways to Get Your Ex Back Easier

4 Simple Ways to Get Your Ex Back Easier

When the person you love decides to call it quits on you, it can really throw your world for a spin. Up can become down, and what was right can become very wrong…but your life can be set straight again, and it doesn’t even have to be that difficult!

Yeah, you read it correctly…you can get your ex back and go on with life stronger than ever before! What’s even better, I’m going to tell you 4 solid, real-life things that you can do to get started right now!

1) Don’t let life pass you by, get up and enjoy yourself a bit! Going out with friends is a great way to bypass a lot of the hurt you’re feeling and start on a healthy road to getting your life back on track. Even if you don’t feel like it, stay socially active and surround yourself with people who care about you!

You may be wondering how this helps to get your ex back…and that’s a fair question. See, there’s more to getting your ex back than just endless apologies and promises…your ex wants to see some change in you, some strength that wasn’t there before. Not allowing yourself to be stricken helpless by your loss is a great way to stand up and show everyone (including yourself) that you’re a better and stronger person than you know. What’s more, this can attract some more attention from the opposite sex, which fires up that whole “hey, maybe I made a mistake here, look at all the people interested in him(her?).”

2) This next step is the one that balks most people, but it’s crucially important to getting your ex back. Sit down and ponder your past relationships, and what caused them to end –particularly this most recent one. What things did YOU contribute to the eventual downfall of you and your partners? If you’re going to pull off a recovery, you’ll need to fix the problems you caused.

And playing the blame game isn’t going to help you any. Forget about anything your partners may have done to make everything fall apart. The only person you can change is yourself, and so you need to make those changes if you want to have a hope of working out this relationship or really any future ones as well. Focus on your own issues, and make sure that you’re giving 100% to whatever relationship you may be in.

3) Don’t let yourself slip on the side of physical appearance and hygiene. When people fall to pieces over a breakup and spend their days slumped in their sofas sobbing into a gallon-bucket of ice cream, it tends to show on their midsections…and that’s not attractive, and not likely to get your ex back. Keep in shape, at least as good as you were when you broke up. It’s far more appealing than the alternative.

4) Perhaps the biggest and most important thing I can tell you about getting your ex back is listed at number four so that I can be sure you’re paying attention by this point. You ready? Here it is: DON’T RUSH THINGS! Your ex is hurting like you are, possibly worse! Bombarding him or her with more and more of YOU is only going to work against you! Back off, give your ex some space, and work on the things you need to do before you ever make contact again.

And don’t forget to keep it light and simple when you eventually do get to the point that re-establishing contact becomes appropriate. Don’t use any method more aggressive than a simple phone call or email, and stay away from the topic of getting back together, unless your ex makes it unavoidable. Chances are good that if you take it easy and just express an interest in how your ex is doing, eventually you two will get a little more comfortable and possibly spend a little time together as friends.

At this point, it’s win-it-or-lose-it time. Again, hitting the gas too fast will just destroy your chances, so keep it simple and fun. Do things together that you both enjoy, and enjoyed doing as a couple. Be the best person you can, and show how hard you’ve worked to stay your best and even become better than ever before. Make your ex feel as happy as your best times as a couple, and it should slowly start to dawn on your ex that perhaps quitting wasn’t the best idea…

I can’t guarantee your specific situation will fit easily into the space I’ve mapped out for it, but that’s going to happen when every relationship is made up of two completely unique people…but I can tell you that these guidelines I’ve given you will help you in any situation. At least keep them in mind as a way of thinking, and you’ll have a much better chance of getting your ex back.

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