Horse Racing Handicapping Tips for Picking More Winners

If you want to improve your success at picking winners at the horse races you might want to consider a few time tested tips that have helped many people improve their ROI (return on investment).  There is no golden key to success at horse racing handicapping, so this article will not insult your intelligence by suggesting that just by knowing one key bit of information you are guaranteed horse racing betting success.

However, one of the best ways to win more is simply to lose less.  In other words, what habits do the winners have that makes them more successful?  They may not pick any more winners than you do, but they may pick fewer losers and that is the idea we will look at here.

The first tip or rule for greater success is to develop an iron or lead butt.  In other words, learn to sit in your chair and not run to the betting window just to have a bet down in a race.  Real winners and successful horse players do not bet every race.  They wait and pick their spots based on the odds offered on certain horses that they have identified as contenders.  Even if they think a horse will win, or has a good chance of winning, they will not bet it unless the odds justify the bet, which leads us to tip number 2.

Tip number 2 is, insist on profitable odds or do not bet.  Some pros will not bet a horse at less than 2-1.  Others have developed the ability to make a morning line and then to look for value bets based on the line.  While a professional handicapper may think that the 1 has a 33% chance of winning and the 2 has a 20% chance of …