5 signs that your matchmaker interest is into you

There is no doubt about it – even if you use a good matchmaker service, the dating game can be a minefield for many people. From the nerve-wracking first dates to never being sure if you really have made a connection, it is never as easy as the movies make it out to be. The good part about dating is that it helps us break out of our shells, and allows us to meet new people. For shy singles who are not used to dating, matchmaker services simplify the process, helping singles meet like-minded people who share their interests, passions and values.

When you have met someone that you would like to know better, the nervousness can be even worse. It can be daunting to keep trying to read their body language and work out whether they are just being friendly or if you really have a chance at pursuing a relationship. To take the guesswork out of the equation, our matchmaker expert offers a few tips on how to tell if your love interest is a keeper or simply a player.

1. Eye contact – does he or she look at your when talking to you, or do they keep shifting their glance to whatever is happening in the room whenever you are talking? Eye contact is one of the best signs of interest, and a person who is genuinely interested in what you have to say will always make eye contact when you are chatting.

2. Conversation – does your love interest ask you questions about yourself, or only talk about themselves the whole time? Showing interest in your life is a good sign that they want to get to know you, while simply using the date as a way to show off, brag or talk about themselves …