Dart Games you Must Know

There are a fair few dart games to choose from apart from the standard 501 game. If you look at the specs of any decent electronic dart board where all these games are programmed in you will see some of them have up to 40 games and a hundred or more variations on these games. I have to confess I’d never heard of some of them till I went through the booklet that came with the board. Cricket is one of the most popular games with lots of different playing rules for different versions of the game. In fact I think most electronic boards have at least 6 different versions of this game. But for now lets examine some of the standard versions of the games of cricket and 501.


Lets start with the game of Cricket; The cricket scoring board is marked as follows, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, B: The B on the card signifies the Bull. Before you can start scoring points, you must hit a number 3 times (or 1 treble or 1 double and a single); the number is then Open for you to score on, indicated by an O next to your name and thereafter every time you hit that number you score points toward your total with doubles and trebles scoring as normal as well. Your opponent however can stop you from scoring any more by also registering 3 hits on your number; the number is then marked with an X and takes no further part in the game. If you hit the number 20 5 times the number 20 is then open for you to score after 3 hits and you have scored 40 towards your total, indicated by an O by your name. When the other player also hits …