Relationship Psychology – Men VS Women

Before I tell you about relationship psychology, you have to know that there are several social norms which people are raised with in today’s society, and people have a general tendency to do as they are told and to live their lives similar to others around them so that they avoid being judged.

This became a benchmark for people ever since we started to grow as a being and to think more, rather than just follow our primary instincts. Looking back hundreds of years we can see that humans always tried to look and act like others around them or like others with the same social status.

This is exactly what’s happening to society in our era. That’s why we tend to keep certain values from the past and live our life following them, and those who choose to live it differently are considered outcasts of the society.

The most important norms for people who want to be accepted are the ones between men and women. In men’s case parents always try to teach them that a woman should be treated with respect and with tenderness, and women are taught that they should always wait for men to make the first move when it comes to romance.

Today’s topic: Women and their suspicions

And that’s how we came up with today’s topic that has to do with relationship psychology. Why do men usually make the first move and why do women seem a lot more selective than men do when it comes to a romantic partner? There is a great deal of research on the matter, and a lot of today’s psychologists and researches are trying to find out why men usually find a much bigger number of women attractive than the other way around.

It’s well known that before …