The Benefits Of Using Videos In Language Learning

Films can be used as a tool to entice the students in learning language.  You can make use of movies or videos in coming up of enjoyable games and activities that could increase language learning for the students.  If you find it difficult to make ideas on how to do such, this article will show you various ways of how to make creative tasks for language points and skills.

Modals of probability and possibility

You can simply practice this language point using videos.  One way is to decrease the total information that the students have.  For example, by switching off the sound, turning the picture off, covering a part of the screen, or selecting a vague scene or still.  Your students could then contemplate on what is going on and why.  This can be turned into a game by the students, where they could use the modal verbs to create bets.  For example, if they state, “It must be some sort of a time machine”, that is betting ten dollars, whereas, if they say, “It could probably be a way of creating monsters”, that would mean that they only bet three dollars.

The same things can be done with guessing what an ad is adverting or guessing who stated which dialogue.  You can also determine what the referencing expressions in dialogue refer to.

Reference expressions

Provide the students with dialogue from the movie with expressions like “one”, “that”, and “hers”.  This way, the meaning is not clear from the information you have given them and your students would have to guess what the words referred to.  They would have to watch, and check.

Countable and uncountable nouns

Give your students worksheets with sentences about things that are countable and not countable.  For example, “There is some cake”, rather than, “There …