Robot Unicorn Attack – Heavy Metal Game

This review really could be a single sentence: if you liked Robot Unicorn Attack, you will like Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal. The two games are exactly the same – as a cybernetic unicorn you gallop from left to right, avoiding pits with graceful jumps – but the atmospheres couldn’t be more different. Whereas the original was set in a day-glo fantasyland where the wind whispers refrains of Erasure’s “Always,” Heavy Metal is set in a grim hellscape of blood, skulls, and pentagrams.

If you enjoyed Adult Swim’s tale of Erasure, unicorns, dolphins, and robotic versions thereof, you may be happy to learn that now you can do it all again, only angrier. Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal is the sequel to the original arcade game, Robot Unicorn Attack, in which you pilot a robotic unicorn through a treacherous landscape. Although this time there’s less fluffy purple clouds and more red and screaming. Jack Black would approve. Really, isn’t that all that matters?

Robot Unicorn Attack was magical. The addictive gameplay required twitch reactions, the art style was perfection and the sound effects made it legendary. The title racked up over one million plays during its first week as a web game on Adult Swim’s website. It’s become an internet icon.

Attribute all of that success to the tongue-in-cheek nature of the experience. The rainbow-tailed unicorn, the randomly jumping dolphins, the crystal stars and the poignant background music came together to create something ridiculous and amazing.

As before, your mighty steed does all the running, and all you have to do is tap [Z] to jump, hit it again to double-jump, and use [X] to perform a dash attack that can break through the stars that appear in your way. You have three lives (or “nightmares”), and one ends when …

4 Signs of a Controlling Woman

Does your girlfriend control conversations, attempt to prove you wrong and constantly rewrite past events to make her point? Does she force you into agreeing with her and threaten to leave you if you don’t do as she says? Do you constantly find yourself on the defensive, having to explain all your actions and words? Does she break down your self-confidence little by little until you begin to believe you’re nothing without her? If so, you might be dating a controlling woman.

These over-dominant women believe that men and relationships should run no way but their way and will even convince their men that it’s for their own good. If your girlfriend exhibits any of these 4 tell-tale signs below, you may very well be in the hands of an overbearing, emotional bully and unless you like having your life steered for you and your opinions made by someone else, it might be time to reconsider the relationship.

1. She makes your decisions
for you
Controlling women will define you by telling you what you think and feel. They’ll tell you when you can go out and when you can invite the guys over to watch the game. These manipulative women believe that they should be able to make every decision in your life and will explode into long tirades when you do not behave in line with their plans. They believe that they know what’s best for their men and will even go as far as selecting the clothes you wear, choosing what movies you’ll watch and deciding what you should or shouldn’t eat.

2. She always has to be right
Controlling women must be right at all times. These women are never wrong, and everything is always your fault. They constantly use lines such as “I didn’t do