Zubo and Avalon Code: 2009 Misunderstood Games For The Nintendo DS

During the time I have been playing video games, I have played some really under rated games. Games that made me almost want to kick myself for investing time and money in them.

And with that said I am here to tell you that if you have invested in video games such as Zubo and Avalon Code for the Nintendo DS, they are not bad games, just maybe a little misunderstood.

Take Zubo, for example. It’s a light RPG with a difference. It is stylus driven. But if you have played The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, that too, is stylus driven. And in Zubo, you, the hero literally crash into a place known as Zubalon.

Furthermore, just like any RPG, the object here is to defeat villains or Zombos in this case, solve puzzles and rescue and collect other Zubos (55 in all) in order to set things right in the land of Zubalon.

You also get to choose the gender of your hero when the game starts. I chose to play as a girl because, you know, I am a girl. But maybe in my second playthrough I will play as the boy just for fun.

While your hero does not do any of the fighting, your Zubos do. And each of them come equipped with their fighting skills and abilities. You fight the Zombos to the tune of music and if you tap the touch screen in time when the outlines meet around your Zubo, you can score a high hit rate on the enemy.

Now prior to playing Zubo, I read lots of reviews about the game. Reviews that I found to be a little harsh. But having invested about two hours into it, I found Zubo to be entertaining, engaging and not as bad as …