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Total Blockout is an abstract strategy board game for one or more players (currently limited to two players in the computer version). As with many polymino-styled games, this game requires exceptional spatial skills. What makes it unique from other such games is it’s need for its players to develop single-move strategies in line with an overall game plan. Furthermore, constraints have been placed in the selection of pieces available during your turn, requiring extraordinary memorization of pieces used in previous moves. There are many solutions to the puzzle. However, you will soon see just how difficult it is to find just one solution given these pattern constraints.

Total Blockout is new to the gaming industry, with a launch date of December 18, 2008. The developer, SKY Games, is actively pursuing quality endorsements and awards from distinctive associations and societies. Examples include, but are not limited to, Mensa Select, Teachers Choice, National Association of Parenting Publications, Parent’s Choice, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Creative Child magazine and many more.

In time, we hope that Total Blockout will not be just another game, but a true classic, recognized as a household name. You can help SKY Games bring more quality gaming experiences and their related benefits by sharing your positive experience with others. Thank you for visiting our site and hopefully testing your skill with at

How to play:

There are 7 groups of 7 pieces each, with each group representing a value of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. Thus, 49 pieces total to complete the board.

The player starts with placing a piece with value 1, then 2, then 3,4,5,6 and finally the largest piece with a value = 7. The cycle repeats itself until the player has nowhere to place a piece.

Piece selection does not change, rather …

Top 9 Video Games That Cause Headaches

Video games can be an enjoyable experience, but sometimes the flashy graphics can be over-stimulating and cause headaches. Different factors can cause this such as the control of the camera and the use of light effects. What causes headaches to one person in a particular game might not have the same effect on someone else. Video games that cause headaches used to be more of an issue. With higher frame rates, better graphics, and improved camera control the world of gaming has come a long way. Following is a list of eight games that have caused some people headaches for various reasons.

1. Resident Evil Series
The Resident Evil series is known for having camera-control-induced nausea. The games seem to constantly fight with the player for control of the camera. The camera is constanly pulled back to the center directly after the player looks another direction. This can cause headaches to some players while others don’t mind so much.

2. Silent Hill: Homecoming
Any game that does not allow players the option of inverting the Y-axis for normal viewing can cause headaches for users. Most gamer’s brains are hard wired to an inverted Y-axis. This game is one of a few modern games that doesn’t allow for inversion causing it to be un-playable for many.

3. F.E.A.R. 2
Another cause of headaches in video games are if the screen bobbles when a character is walking. In this game the screen bobs up and down while moving the character. This correlates to the cadence of a natural walk, but watching it for a screen for extended periods of time can be difficult for some. This would probably just cause a little dizziness in most cases.

4. Half Life 2
This game despite being very popular is a known offender of causing …