Video Game Tester Job Guide – Which One To Choose?

Summer is the best time to get a video game tester job. The reason behind this is that all gaming companies want to finish their QA testing phases so their games are ready for the Christmas release. So it’s a great time to be looking for a video game tester job, however there are certainly plenty of scams out there so be careful. This article is will review a few legitimate video game tester job guides.

Game Tester Guide

Game tester guide receives a broad selection of job offers across all gaming platforms. You only need to have 1 gaming platform and be over 15 years of age to be eligible for the video game tester job. The basic procedure is that you receive the video game of choice in the mail alongside a survey form. You then complete the game, and return mail the survey form to the gaming company. You then receive a check in the mail.

Only 4 Gamers

Only 4 Gamers also receives quite a few jobs – specifically worldwide jobs – not only in US. Furthermore the guide has no age limits, so you can get involved no matter how old you are. I found customer support to be OK – all questions where answered within 3 days – not bad. A benefit of Only 4 Gamers is that it is a one off- upfront fee for a lifetime membership.

Gamer Testing Ground

Gamer testing ground is another video game tester job guide. In general the job offers seem to be more frequent and of higher pay with gamer testing ground. This is dependent on the gaming platform of choice – Xbox 360 games tend to fetch a higher rate while PC games tend to have the lowest rates. The key to success is to …

Interview with a Wii Mod Chip Maker

As I was researching the history of Wii mod chips and electronics modding in general a friend mentioned he could get me in touch with someone actually in the mod chip manufacturing business. I jumped at the chance and soon I was having an email correspondence with Chipsuhhoi. Chips made a number of stipulations to secrecy before granting a formal interview, so there are some obvious omissions of what Chips insisted were telling details that could be used to identify him later. A digest of our month-long series of emails follows.

ME: How did you get started in the mod chipping biz?

CHIPS: I had been laid off from a pretty big internet company after the IPO bubble burst. It wasn’t so bad really. I had stock options and had been saving a portion of my significant salary. I’d always been into games so when the first console mods had come out I’d open up the box to see what had been done. I was an amateur electronics geek so I did some poking around, hung out at the shop where my PS2 got modded, asked questions, was pretty much a pest. Eventually they figured as long as I kept coming by they could put me to work. I knew how to solder, so it was no trouble for me to tack chips on. Everything we were doing came from pre-fabbed kits and I was just some solder monkey. It got boring real quick.

ME: Where were these mod chip kits coming from?

CHIPS: Well, I can’t say specifically, for obvious reasons. Each console had a different kit, or in most cases a number of kits to choose from. We we’re a fairly small time operation, just doing two or three mods a day so our chips were coming in …

Check out The Anaheim Angels On-line

You will need to check out Anaheim Angels online this calendar year. A lot of enjoyment is out there on the West Coastline and the Angels intention to produce a sizzling time for absolutely everyone to love. I know I can check out each televised game because I identified this software program that allows me do so.

This way I got to see how an off-time acquisition paid handsome dividends on opening day. I viewed on my notebook the 2009 Earth Collection MVP Hideki Matsui produce on the cause that the Angels introduced him on board. Matsui has received a standing as a fantastic clutch hitter. And although he hails from Japan, with his initial US end in the South Bronx, he failed to wait around to produce the free-agent bucks paid for his roster physical appearance when discovering a new house with the Angels.

He drove in a pair runs professing the go ahead RBI single in the fifth, and then he homered in the eighth. He was joined by Kendry Morales who had his possess solo blast, as well as an RBI single, that led to a 6-3 earn towards the Twins in the Angels opener in front of far more than 43,000 jubilant followers.

You should not you would like you could check out this variety of incredible baseball motion at any time the Angels have a game televised? Properly, you can. All you will need is the software program I identified that you effortlessly obtain from the Net. Set up it on your computer, in which you can effortlessly work it furnishing you with the very best seat in the stadium for all the fantastic Angel motion. Your ticket to viewing Matsui and his new good friends frolic through the 2010 time would be a significant-speed …