Teaching English Overseas can either be an experience that you will never forget (in a good way); or it can be an experience that you will never forget, but in a bad way. There are two kinds of ESL (English Second Language) Teachers in Asia: THE GOOD ONES and THE BAD ONES.

The bad ESL teachers don’t play any ESL Games; even though ESL Games are proven to motivate your students to try hard, and encourage them to learn.

The good ESL teachers play ESL games in every single class. They play fun, exciting and challenging ESL games in the class because they know that their students will be able to learn English at a much faster speed than students who don’t use ESL games.

Here is one great ESL game that you can start to use in your next class:

This teaching game is called “TABOO.” TABOO is a fun game that helps teach new vocabulary and it is a blast to play!


1. The teacher will divide the class into two equal teams. The n the teacher will then pick a number from one to ten. Whichever team guesses the correct number gets to choose if they would like to go first or last..

2. The teacher will pick one student from the team that will go first, and get them to come to the front of the classroom. The teacher will get this student to sit down on a chair with his/her back turned to the blackboard.

3. The teacher will then write the “WORD” which that student will have to say in order to get a point for his/her team.
 For example: The teacher writes the word, “SPIDERMAN” on the board.

4. Next, the teacher will write 3 …

Xmas Celebration Game — Pin the Beard on Santa

Xmas Celebration Game — Pin the Beard on Santa can acquire an previous game and make it like new!

Birthday get-togethers are produced more enjoyable with a range of parlor games. On the other hand, Xmas get-togethers, whilst just as festive, appears to have tiny parlor games to boast. For a improve you can set up a Xmas game called  “Pin the Beard on Santa” !

The props wanted for this enjoyable game is not hard to uncover at all. Very first, you want to get your hand on a cardboard cutout of Santa’s deal with. It should neither be also substantial nor also modest — just significant sufficient for all people to see his jolly appears to be. You can easily uncover these at your nearest celebration provides retailer or anywhere Xmas ornamental products are readily available.

Enjoying “Pin the Beard on Santa” needs all people to check out to affix the beard on Santa’s deal with — which implies the beard is not there right at the start. Once you acquired a cardboard deal with of Santa, slash the beard off. But really don’t throw absent that beard you may want to tape it back immediately after the game, if you intend to use the cardboard deal with to embellish your property with.

There are several innovative approaches in which you can develop the beard. You can sculpt foam into the shape of a beard, just the right dimensions for Santa’s cardboard deal with. You can also utilised crumpled sheets of white paper and pack them alongside one another. Or if you want you can develop Santa’s beard out of a wad of cotton. What ever supplies you intend to use, glue them on a thick cardboard with a double-sided adhesive tape at the back. You can easily …

Watch the Tampa Bay Rays Online

You could be fortunate to watch the Tampa Bay rays online this season because they are one of most explosive teams for the 2010 season. I’m fortunate to be watching them from the comfort of my own laptop computer since I discovered this incredible software that gains me access to every televised game.

Although the Rays were recently victims to the 19th perfect game ever thrown in Major League history by the Oakland As left-hander, Dallas Braden, they are a run-scoring machine this season. But, unfortunately, the Rays go down in history since this is the second time in two seasons they had a perfect game thrown against them. Last year White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle went perfect against them.

But, you could be watching all the action online seeing that the Rays will return to their stinging ways especially when dependent upon the right handing hurling from Matt Garza who is posting a 2.09 earned run average to the first six innings of play. He is yielding two runs or fewer in all these games pitched except for one. The Rays continue to get great pitching out of Jeff Niemann as well as depending upon the score-producing bats of Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford.

Catching all the Tampa Bay action is easy if you grab hold of this fabulous software I discovered on the Internet. It is easy to download, easy to install and just as easy to operate. There is a version of the software available for both a Mac as well as a PC. Then, all you need to complete your season ticket package for every televised Rays game is high-speed connection through either cable or DSL.

You can find high-speed Internet connections anywhere you travel available at many restaurants, motels and hotels as well as coffee …